02 (A) 14 years old

(A)(name withheld) , Dunedin, 14yrs old at time of vaccine injury

28/1/2022 Batch number for Pfizer dose #1 FM4289-D0012

18/2/2022 Batch number for Pfizer dose #2 FK9707-D0025

Our teenage daughter (A) was one of the unfortunate ones to suffer an adverse reaction to the Pfizer vaccine.
This is our story…..

(A) started becoming unwell after her second Pfizer vaccine which was administered on the 18th February 2022. Within 24hrs she was suffering from fatigue, headache, body soreness and most concerning chest pain which she described like having the stitch, especially when she breathed inwards. This chest pain progressively got worse over the next couple of days, where it started to radiate up into her shoulder and jaw.

On Monday 21st February I took her to our GP who straight away reported it to CARM that she was experiencing side effects from the vaccine. He organised an ecg and blood tests. The ECG was normal but her blood test came back with raised CRP levels so this was retested 3 days later and her inflammatory markers were then back to normal.

The following weekend after she had tried going out for her first outing all week, after not being able to go to school due to the fatigue and her continued pain, her chest pain started to get worse and continued to get significantly worse once she got home and lay down on her bed. That evening, Sunday 27/02/2022, I rang our local After Hour doctors service and at their advice I took her down to the Emergency Department. They performed another ECG, did more blood tests and a chest x-ray. Again, the ECG and chest x-ray came back normal, however her blood tests showed a slightly elevated white blood cell count. She was sent home with instructions to take regular pain relief and advised they would expect her symptoms to improve in a few days and there was mention of possible inflammation in her chest cavity.

After 3 weeks of (A) experiencing this chest pain and her not being able to attend school due to there being little improvement in her condition, our GP send away a referral to see a Cardiologist privately, as we wanted answers to what was causing her chest pain.

(A) had an echocardiogram performed on Wednesday 16th March 2022 and we received a phone call from the cardiologist the next day informing us the echocardiogram showed her pericardium shining nice and bright with inflammation and was officially diagnosed with vaccine induced Pericarditis, despite all her other tests being reasonably normal up till this point.

Once we received this diagnosis from the cardiologist, our GP sent away an ACC treatment injury claim at my request. 3 weeks later on the 8th April (A’s) claim was accepted after I called them weekly, where on one call I was told these claims can take up to 9mths to be accepted due to the complexity of them, which I thought was absolutely disgusting. On my last phone call I questioned them on what else did they need to accept a claim when they had a letter from a cardiologist stating a diagnosis of vaccine induced pericarditis with an echocardiogram diagnostic test showing pericardial inflammation, a couple of days later ( claim was accepted.
I also submitted a CARM report for (A’s) reaction where I received an AEFI number reference on an automated response to the application. I did not receive any contact or follow up from this report unless I made contact with them directly. I think it is absolutely appalling that there was no follow up from  CARM or the MOH, to these serious adverse reactions. (A) was invited to be a part of the MOH Myocarditis/Pericarditis study. Through our participation in this study, I voiced my disgrace and disappointment at the lack of support or follow up from the MOH or CARM after these serious adverse reactions are reported.

We are not happy that this happened to our daughter as it had quite a significant effect on her life and caused her to be absent from school all of term 1 2022, plus many other absences during the year causing her attendance rate to be very low. Her symptoms did not resolve quickly like we were being told by the MOH and media. It was 3 months before she  made significant improvement and was able to get back to normal daily activities and hanging out with her friends, however her chest pain continued over many more months and would flare up if she got upset or exerted herself too much. One year on she still has the occasional flare up of chest pain, her main triggers being emotional stress, some exercise and viral infections. Before her Pfizer vaccination she NEVER experienced any form of chest pain or discomfort. I just hope that one day this pain will completely disappear.

We had been hesitant from the start of the covid vaccine rollout mainly due to the research I had done on side-effects. I did not like what I was finding out, especially regarding heart and neurological effects, and for me 2 confirmed deaths from myocarditis at that time, set off warning bells for me. This led us to conclude that we wanted to hold off on getting our 2 children vaccinated for covid, as we believed the risks from these vaccines outweighed the risk from covid, considering many scientific experts and data stated that covid was less serious in young people especially in the under 18 age group. We had lots of discussions with both of our children and explained to them why we wanted them to wait due to concerns with the vaccine and side effects. Our teenage son was very much on board with this but (A) was very unhappy with missing out on participating in her summer sports and being able to join her friends going out over the holidays when the mandates came in, so she wanted to get the vaccine so she could get her vaccine passport. We decided to respect her choice and hoped she would be ok….unfortunately she wasn’t

I am angry that the 12-18yr old age group were mandated and included in the vaccine passports. I am angry that so many people lost their jobs because for them the risks of the vaccine outweighed the risk of the virus. I am angry that so many have been left with health issues from this vaccine when we were told that it was safe and effective. If a vaccine is truly safe, I believe the only adverse reaction that we should see from it is Anaphylaxis. I am angry that so many of the vaccine injured are struggling to get support and have been declined by ACC. I am angry that we have not been told the correct number of cases of Myocarditis and Pericarditis from this vaccine. I am angry that there has still not been any acknowledgment or recognition of those affected by the vaccine and that the media is still not reporting on these reactions.

I hope this inquiry into the safety of the vaccine is successful and that there are certain questions finally answered.