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Vaccine Injury story of Nurse of 22 years Nikki (Age 45)

I clearly remember as do my friends and work colleagues, my hesitancy to conform and take the COVID 19 vaccine. I knew not too! However I wanted to keep my nursing employment, of 22 years and as mandated, my choice was taken from me. I had my first vaccination on November 15th 2021, this was the cut of date given for nurses, teachers and the like to conform.

Post injection I had immediate symptoms of a racing heart, central chest pain and feeling clammy. The vaccinator at the pharmacy said “that normal, it means the vaccine is working”! And after the 20 minute period I was able to leave.

I was then required to have my second dose, on December 6th 2021 again to keep my nursing profession and the job I loved. I had an instant reaction, pain to my right sided shoulder blade, this pain was excruciating. My heart raced and I could literally feel it pumping so fast. Again hot and clammy, central chest pain and jawline pain….I was terrified! I believed I was having a heart attack or a stroke!
I felt dismissed, alone and scared as I sat with others in the pharmacy waiting area, after 15 minutes I was told its fine for me to go. I remember hoping into the car thinking is it even safe for me to drive in this condition.

Over the next few weeks my symptoms worsened especially fatigue and shortness of breath. I tried to seek medical help but was fobbed off and told “what I was going through was normal and that Id be OK”.

I continued in this state with these symptoms whist continuing to work, I was shattered with huge bouts of fatigue and pain. Eventually I saw a locum GP. He did not wish to acknowledge my severe health concerns let alone my concern of any such thing as a vaccine injury, he diagnosed me with menopause and hyperventilation and sent me home!

As a nurse I was hugely unsatisfied with his behaviour and diagnoses. I hounded the medical centre and finally was seen by the nurse practitioner 4 days later. I was well cared for and never left alone whilst she completed her observations and examinations, reassurance was given as she stated she had seen this recently in someone else. Thankfully for the nurse she obtained a blood sample and sent it for urgent testing. This came back at 8pm that night showing my D-Dimer level was 1991 ug/L, it should read less than 500 ug/L.
A D-Dimer test determines if someone has a blood clotting condition, which is very serious.

We knew then that I had a pulmonary embolism and I had to attend Ashburton emergency department as this is a life threatening condition. I was horrified and an emotional wreak when the emergency department doctor told me to return in the morning at 8am as radiology was closed and I needed a CT scan! I was refused proper care and treatment and this incident is currently in front of the health and disability commissioner, now for the past 13 months, still under investigation. I should never have been sent home in this life threatening state.

I battled my emotions throughout the night and the next day was given a CT scan and diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolisms, thinking I only had one blood clot It was soon clear I had multiple on both lungs!

I was not admitted for treatment and monitoring I was sent home with a prescription to fend for myself, I could barely walk, had severe shortness of breath, unable to even make a drink or food, have a shower and other basic tasks of daily living. I was vomitting and could barely move due to the shortness of breath.

A week later I was back to hospital as I wasn’t improving and admitted at this time thanks to a wonderful Doctor who was open to the fact that yes I am vaccine injured and went above and beyond to support me.

ACC have refused my claim for vaccine injury. It took ACC 6 months to issue me with a decline. I am rebutting this and have sort a review with legal council. I am aware i am only one person of many injured fighting for this justice with funds from a sickness benefit as we are too unwell to currently maintain any employment. It has now been over 15 months with the ACC battle and I have got no acceptance of my injury.

By June 2022, I was due my booster if I ever wish to return to nursing. Nurses remain mandated and will always be as stated in the directive sent to medical staff from nursing council. However, I plan with the support of my respiratory specialist to apply for an excemption, lets wait and see how successful that will be, I’m not holding out much hope! This excemption from Dr Bloomfield was declined and It stated I was to go to my local hospital and have the vaccine under guidance of medical staff and the crash trolley!

I have been well supported by a Christchurch respiratory specialist who has put me through agonising ongoing various tests to ensure proper care and diagnoses. However my results 6 months on have not improved and sadly I can report that my bilateral pulmonary embolisms remain in both lungs. Now 15 months on I still await further testing and another appointment with my respiratory specialist.

It is fair to say I am mentally, physically and emotionally raw. A vaccine I was made to have injected into me has caused a huge disarray in my life and I now battle depression on top of it all.

As a nurse of 22 years I am devastated. I anticipate i will be struck off the nurses register as we have been forbidden from nursing council of NZ to be a part of any Voices for freedom organisation or anything similar. We are unable to post anything on Facebook against the vaccine. My poster proudly was at parliament alongside so many other vaccine injured people and I will continue to speak the truth of what happened to me.

I complied yet have lost so much and been left with a severely life threatening illness to manage requiring medication for life.

This has been a rocky road and the path ahead is still very challenging. I feel let down by the many “systems” that have failed me.

So….how would you cope???? being diagnosed with a life threatening illness after a mandated vaccine?
Where your diagnoses of vaccine injury is not acknowledged by the government organisation in place for this very purpose.

ACC your a bloody nightmare! Criminal in fact how dare you leave me high and dry now for over 15 months.

My employer has recently terminated me due to ‘vaccine injury under medical grounds’, whilst providing a medical certificate updated regularly, so now I face the Employment Relations Authority with a personal grievance.

This has been one hell of a journey and a huge battle. The injustice is the worse part, the ignorance of ACC to not compensate or provide equipment when needed, and when the specialists have signed me off as being Pfizer vaccine injured.


Nikki Nabih
Aged 45