05 Angela

Angela J (57yrs)

North Canterbury


Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 17 JUL 2021 FC5029

Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech 13 AUG 2021 FG0050

I was mandated to get the first two jabs for a casual support worker job; I resigned from that role as I refused to get the booster. Fortunately this was not my main employment.


Timing of onset: between 12 hrs and one month after the second shot


The Adverse Events were reported to CARM. There was no acknowledgement of receipt or follow-up. Not reported to ACC due to lack of support from GP.


Timing of adverse event (after the 2nd jab) Details
Within 12 hrs Headache, sore arm at injection site
Within 2 days Woken at night by a severely pounding heart; I would have to pace the house to get it resolved enough that I could go back to sleep. This happened every night for at least a week. It has since settled but recurs occasionally at night. Not reported at the time as there had been no discussion at the time of injection about this being a possible adverse event.


Within 2 days Left arm (injected side) – muscular pain. Unable to raise this arm above horizontal due to muscle pain in the arm and shoulder.

Developed left-sided neck pain which extended down and around the left shoulder blade. Unable to turn my head to the left.

Three chiropractor and two physio appointments did not resolve this.

Finally resolved itself after 8 mths (although some left-sided upper arm muscle pain remains in certain positions).


Within 1 week Intermittent days of intense fatigue where I could barely move or function (avg 1 day a week).


Within 1 week Intermittent days where everything ached – joints and muscles – right down to the top of my feet and my fingers (avg 1 day a week).


Within 1 week Unable to thermoregulate properly. Could not get warm – during days of temperatures in the high 20’s over summer, I would wear a fleece jumper and still be cold. Ongoing.
Within 2 wks Unusual weight gain of around 4kg (no obvious cause, although the fatigue and inability to regulate my temperature likely indicated a thyroid/adrenal issue – confirmed by Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and now undergoing supervised alternative treatment for such with supplements and dietary changes).
Within 1 mth Two periods of intense lower back spasms, the first of a few days, the second lasting a wk. Intensity was such that I could not get in or out of bed unaided and once in bed I was unable to change position, couldn’t get dressed or undressed by myself, any movement triggered an intense spasm, even breathing was very uncomfortable. Resolved.


After having Covid in March 2022, the fatigue increased considerably so I visited my GP.


I reported the heart palpitations to my GP who ordered blood tests and an ECG. The ECG literally took no more than 15 sec so I queried how doing a test over such a short period of time during the day would show up any unusual heart activity which was occurring during the night. I was told that 15 sec was sufficient to show anything unusual.


I explained some of the other reactions I had to the second vaccination and as expected, these were minimised and I was made to feel paranoid. I was told that the heart palpitations were the result of heart muscle inflammation and just minor and most likely just chest rather than heart pain. Both the GP and the nurse who did the ECG kept saying it was ‘Long Covid’; I kept trying to explain that all the adverse events I experienced began after the second jab (6 mths prior to having Covid). It was clearly not Long Covid but they wouldn’t acknowledge the timeline.


Kind regards, Angela J