06 Avril mother injured and Son injured

I am a mother of 4. I live in the backcountry of the West Coast of the South island.
I never wanted to take the jab. I am a natural therapist and herbalist and I manage my children’s health very well. We eat and live cleanly and holistically always.

My husband lived away prior to the mandates. He had to work on the east coast. He took the jab to keep his job. His boss strongly believed in the mandates and did not want anyone working for him who didn’t take the jab. My husband was General manager at the time and in his role he was told to ask who’d been jabbed and who hadn’t and to put the pressure on to get the jab. My husband also believed in the jab.

One of our children has type 1 diabetes. None of us get sick. My younger kids didn’t even know what a runny nose was at this stage. We have a pretty robust immunity supported by an active lifestyle, plenty of nature time in a pollution free environment, and a diet consisting mainly of home cooked wholefoods.
Being a natural therapist I’m well aware of the nutrients needed to keep the body functioning healthily and how to strengthen the immune system.

When I first took on my training as a natural therapist I had to sign the hippocratic oath, an oath that all health practitioners were held to as a part of fundamental practitioner ethics. These included ‘first do no harm’, ‘doctor as teacher’, and ‘treat the patient not the disease’. I was also aware of informed consent, and a patient’s right to refuse any medical treatment.

I saw that the mandates did not uphold treating the patient, not the disease. Very few were being allowed exemptions and everyone was being told the vax was safe and effective no matter what their health status or age. This is an example of treating the disease, putting the disease ahead of the patient’s health.
People were not being told what was in the vaccines. And more and more of that is coming out with time. There was only the simplistic statement that the government was our one source of truth and to take the jab.

I looked at the medsafe site and saw the numbers of people who already had adverse effects and did not want the jab for me or my children, especially when reports of myocarditis were coming out for teenage boys.
Despite all this my husband had huge fear for our child with diabetes who was in the vulnerable group. What we weren’t being told was that the diabetics who were dying of/with covid had other health concerns on top of having diabetes, or it was a situation of mismanaged diabetes. My husband was angry at me for not getting jabbed. He became impatient with me and when it came to the second lockdown he told me i was a bad mother and he wanted me to leave home with no where to go. I didn’t leave but this is still something that lingers in the background in our relationship.

It wasn’t until I conceded to compromise and took one jab with my older two sons and I received a vaccine injury that my husband changed his mind. Health problems, it took health problems. I’m so angry about this.
Before taking the jab i exercised everyday. At the time I started up a branch of a kung fu school. I needed to keep sharp and fit and ensure i knew the material. Every other day I practiced yoga or went for hikes. In the year prior I had run a half marathon. After the jab the first thing i felt was a sore arm, this pain crept over to my chest and up into my neck. I also became incredibly tired all the time. I had and still have very little energy for exercise. I just stopped and haven’t returned. I still have chest and arm pain to this day.
I went to get checked once at a hospital and the next at a gp. Both times my blood pressure was elevated and prior to the jab id had a healthy blood pressure. I was told i was just stressed. You know what ive been through big stress, with great blood pressure and living in the backcountry wasn’t comparable to those times. I wasn’t stressed. The chest pain they wrote off as a strain i must have had, but there was not incident. I used to have a very rigorous exercise regime including punching bags and press ups, I’d never experienced chest pain like this.

The other symptom I had was extreme abdominal pain. My stomach bloated up and I looked like I’d put on a ton of weight. My period stopped and I was concerned that I was pregnant. I tested three times, no pregnancy. 3 months went by with no period.

Then came the blood. When the blood came it came with big big pain. It felt like a knife cutting through me. The blood started small and came with lots of dark clots and bits that looked like flesh or skin. Then came lots of blood. Floods of blood fell from my body. Sitting there I felt it pouring out, standing would make it drop out in a big dumping. It was embarrassing, so I stopped going out. This lasted 3 months. Half a year affected by these symptoms and for my trouble I was mandated from instructing.

My son’s age 14 took one jab. One was fine, the other was not.
He experienced a racing, irregular heart. He was able to test this using a heart monitor on his phone and it did race as he reported. He’d get this when sitting, standing, lying in bed, doing exercise, having fun. He didn’t need to be stressed or upset, this symptom came on any time doing anything no matter how easy going the activity. This turned a fit and healthy young boy into a tired and lethargic boy who often needed naps. He also went in to be tested and came out with raised blood pressure.

Myocarditis was not detected in him because his heart didn’t have an episode while he was at the hospital. But they sent us on our way and offered no further support.

I’ve stopped trusting the medical system. I only seek assistance for diabetes supplies. I still have abdominal pain, and chest pain and for me i’d rather go through this and potential cardiac arrest with no intervention from the public health system. We have been let down and all faith is gone. I make no decisions for my son who is now 16, he makes his own call on things but he does feel the same.