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Note Barry has asked that this story from FreeNZ.Org be used as his testimony to what happened to him. He has read and approved this document as a true and accurate account of what has happened.

Actor, screenwriter and competition bodybuilder Barry Duffield has spoken out with great clarity and honesty, about his experience after being injured from taking the second dose of the Pfizer jab. He now says it’s to his great regret that he trusted Jacinda Ardern’s platitudes (lies) of “safe & effective” and “do it to keep your family safe”.

The actor is well known for his work on productions such as Spartacus, The Brokenwood Mysteries, and Shortland Street, among many others. You can see his reel here.

When Covid hit in 2020, Barry was extremely fit and was training in the gym up to six times a week, in preparation for further auditions and future roles. He has always understood that his top-level physical fitness has been a great asset when it comes to applying for roles. He was sceptical about the need for the government to mandate the new technology in the jabs, but knowing how much his job would require him to be able to fly internationally, he very reluctantly decided to accept the two shots.
Fortunately, the first dose did not affect him, and his hard gym training continued. From the moment he had the second dose, however, Barry’s world was turned completely upside down. Within 12-24 hours, he was unable to stand up out of his seat.

His legs became swollen with fluid, his socks blocking the build-up – “like a dam” – causing his skin to “hang over his socks”. Further reactions followed in quick succession, including:

blocked gag reflex

crawling skin, relentlessly itchy

heart palpitations


a constant shaking of his left arm (which reacts and becomes worse in emotional or anxious situations wherein “it flaps like a fish”). He is bravely seeking to be at peace with this now, saying he owns it as his own. He speaks to that reactive arm as if it’s “an entity that’s on me, but it exists independently of me because I can’t do anything to stop it”

a diagnosis of cardiac myopathy: a thickening of the heart walls, and in Barry’s case, especially of the left ventricle

Depression and severely depleted mental health (which is now mercifully on the improve )

All this has happened to his body and brain, despite Barry having never had any major health issues before, thanks to his living a life dedicated to his goal of physical fitness and mental well-being. He is open about his past use of steroids and the occasional use of party drugs. However, the claim by certain doctors that Barry’s injuries merely show that “life had caught up with him”, is frustratingly facile and patently inaccurate, given his previous exemplary health records. In fact, it appears to be a clumsy attempt by the doctors to gloss over any possible link with the experimental injection which invaded his immune system just twelve hours before the cluster of serious side effects began to kick in. Certainly, the doctors’ failed diagnosis offers a dearth of sound reasoning for the suddenness of Barry’s onslaught of symptoms. According to them, the temporal link with the shot was just a “massive co-incidence”, as Barry so succinctly summarises it.

Barry explains the various tests and screening he endured prior to that inadequate medical diagnosis, followed by the doling out of various drugs, some of which noticeably worsened his mental state, while still leaving his arm constantly shaking. In one instance, he suffered a severe anxiety attack after coming out of an MRI scan into which he’d been packed very tightly, to halt the shaking so that the image could be captured. As he exited, he was stopped by a nurse who quietly asked if his shaking was caused by Parkinson’s. Barry refuted that and then explained that all his symptoms had started after the second jab. The nurse looked him squarely in the eye and said she was seeing “hundreds of people coming through these doors that have exactly the same as you”.

Barry bravely opens up in this interview about the period in which his mental health worsened, owing to the use of prescription drugs. As his dosage, prescribed for Parkinson’s, increased, he felt very different from normal: frustrated, angry and depressed. He talks of the dark day he woke up in the ICU after a suicide attempt, of which he still has no recall. Since dropping the use of those Parkinson’s drugs, Barry feels much healthier and now no longer takes anti-depressant pharmaceuticals.

The interview goes on to highlight his recent experience with a cardiologist, who openly stated that he was fed up with how the NZ health system was being managed. (A FreeNZ Substack article posted last week explores this issue in greater depth, through the experience of patient wait times at Christchurch Hospital).

Christchurch Hospital Emergency Dept Shocker
29 APR
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Barry’s cardiologist is now not able to see him again for a year and a half, despite the fact that it took Barry equally as long (18 long months) to get that first appointment. At that point, Liz Gunn interjects asking for doctors and nurses to speak out publicly if they are frustrated about the workings of what is sounding increasingly like a completely fractured health system in New Zealand.

Barry contrasts the brokenness of the hospitals with his other health treatments. He is now getting kinesiology, ozone therapy, and even short-dose, long-term Ivermectin treatment, and he feels these treatments have benefitted him far more than the previous Big Pharma drugs he was prescribed.

Interestingly enough, there is a recent clip from the Podcast between Joe Rogan and Dr Aseem Malhotra, in which they describe prescription medications as the third leading cause of death now globally. The clip is https://t.me/robinmg/27704

“I’m finding the faith again in myself, and I’d lost that”.

Barry says he is, in his mind’s eye, now on the road to recovery. His mindset and outlook seem more positive. He is productive and motivated with his screenwriting career, having already written eight screenplays, and he still absolutely loves his acting and performing skills. If anyone reading this would like to contact Barry about the acting skills he will bring to any production, or about his equally strong screenplays, the contact is

As for the political exploitation of Kiwis which led to his injuries, Barry would like to see accountability for those who held positions of power during the lockdowns and jab mandates. Did they know that it was not actually effective at stopping transmission? He also thinks it’s crucial that Kiwis are told exactly why Jacinda Ardern needed to visit Blackrock in New York in 2022 while acting as PM of New Zealand. Why were details of her visit there kept from the public?

Towards the end of the interview, he offers this important advice to anyone who is having self-doubt after being gas-lit and dismissed by doctors when they try to tell the doctor that they know their injuries are caused by the jab.

“Don’t have self-doubt.

Believe in yourself. Believe in what your body is telling you because it’s yours.”