08 Bruce

Bruce J (61yrs)
North Canterbury

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 16 JUL 2021 FC5029
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech 6 AUG 2021 FF4222-018
Booster: Pfizer-BioNTech 9 Feb 2022 FK9707
I was mandated to get the 3 jabs for as an essential worker in Emergency Services.

I work for FENZ in Fire Management, and with regard the mandates this (being fully vaccinated) is part of my employer’s requirements and is to be strictly adhered to, with termination a very real outcome of not being vaccinated. (Staff had access to an email that stated termination was the final step in working with us to get the jabs, and if all else failed – this email was later ‘withdrawn’ – but no-one was under any illusion at that time of retaining employment.

I received my initial dose in Jul 2021 with a sore arm and headache being the only side effects.
My second dose (Aug 2021) yielded a sore arm and a feeling of unwellness for a day – nothing overly untoward…

On Wednesday, Feb. 9th 2022 however I had my booster shot which resulted in a massive reaction. This started with being woken in the middle of that night feeling extremely unwell, running a very high fever, nausea, and unable to thermoregulate, plus a massive headache.
At 2 am I got up to go to the bathroom and as soon as I stood I broke into full body convulsions which I was unable to control. These were violent and more than a little frightening in the least. The result was my BPM went through the roof and I lay down panting as if I’d just run a 400m race for at least the next 5 minutes to try and recover.. The rest of the night and the entire next day had me in a nightmare of a sweating / freezing cycle where I was only up/awake for 4 hrs in that 24 hrs and extremely unwell. The next day was the same, and on the 3rd day I started to recover. Total time ‘sick’ was 5 days. At the time it was an automatic 111 call situation – but I knew even in that worst of it I wouldn’t get seen, and would be passed off as over reacting or some such.
I am a former Alpine Rescue specialist with 6 years at Mt Cook Nat. Park, and 2 winter-over years in Antarctica where I was Deputy, the full rescue team leader for the winters – needless to say I have been on many rescues, with good and bad outcomes and have seen enough trauma to know what I am talking about. My situation was very serious.

I was then extremely averse to getting the 4th Booster if that became a requirement, and in fact, am genuinely fearful of a far more serious reaction from any of these vaccines forever now. I find it somewhat alarming and almost offensive when I mentioned this to a nurse and they say ” oh, a strong reaction just means your body is fighting hard and your immune system will be that much better prepared…” I really want to see them lying on my bathroom floor in full febrile convulsion, utterly unable to control any bodily functions at all, with pulse and resps through the roof, and then be sick as a dog for 5 days – and pass that off as ‘normal’, or somehow something good or natural. If your dog was doing this you would put it down.

I went to my GP deeply concerned ( and let me be clear – he is a doctor I hugely respect) and he just passed it off as a bad reaction, and perhaps we could try Astra Zennica next time. I of course am NEVER going to put that poorly tested, dangerous toxic poison in my body ever again.

I reported all this to CARM but had no response back.

I did not approach ACC at any level.

My health now seems fine and normal, apart from my Heart having light, or palpitation type short episodes. Whether this is connected to the Vaccines I cannot say (without testing I assume)

Hope the above is of use.

Bruce J.