10 Daniel

Daniel is a 44 yr old Male, prior to August 2021 he was an active healthy man, employed full-time.

Vaccine 30/08/2021
Days following the vaccine noticed stinging chest pain in the centre of chest, sore throat, and upset tummy. No fever. Light headaches for a few days.

12/10/21 Visited Doctor about stomach pain, trouble urinating, had following tests
Urine micro/culture
H pylori ag
Occult blood
Coeliac antibodies
Complete blood count
C- reactive protein
Lipid tests
Total PSA
Renal function
Liver function test

All tests were within normal ranges. The H pylori gave equivocal results suggesting a repeat if clinically indicated.

26/10/21 Visited Doctor to follow up on tests as still had stomach pain, trouble urinating, testicle uncomfortable, area above and to the left of groin. Pain in chest and up neck at left hand side. Doctor checked the prostate and noticed it was enlarged.
Had following tests
H pylori stool antigen
Faecal parasite master
Faeces master

Given Omeprazole 20 mg once daily.

Noticed hands were shaking. Left leg and left arm kept going numb in bed at night as going to sleep. This recurred at times during the daytime on the following days over the next few weeks.
Phone call from doctor that h pylori was positive. Prescription given for antibiotics 7 day course of amoxicillin 500mg, Clarithromycin 500mg Omeprazole 20mg
Completed the antibiotics and stomach pain was gone the day after finishing them but returned the following day and remained.

13/11/21 chest discomfort, left side of jaw and up neck pain.
14/11/21 lower back pain, pain in lower front abdominal area from afternoon. Pressure/ stinging on right side testicle
15/11/21 stinging pressure above testicles mostly on the right side. Central front ribs stinging and discomfort.
16/11/21 stinging pain below ribs right hand side, area on left above testicles stinging. Chest stinging and light headache
17/11/21 same pain areas as 16/11/21
21/11/21 easily out of breath when walking short distances. Difficulty straightening fingers, hard to cut with a knife. Loss of fine motor skills.
22/11/21 small headaches, chest stinging at centre, right side under ribs stinging.
23/11/21 lower gut pain, lack of strength in fingers, out of breath after short walk. Hands shaking after standing for 5 min conversation.

These symptoms recurred every day

Visited Doctor to follow up on h pylori as still having stomach pain, left side of groin pain, can’t sleep with legs together at night.
Did an ECG in doctors
Tests given
Urine micro culture
Faeces master
Faecal parasite master
Referral made for Urology

5/12/21 shaking hands, stinging chest. Tired, noticed a feeling of shaking all over body like being on a tractor constantly. This has remained constant.
6/12/21 shaking all over body, numb left leg and arm, missing strength and coordination in hands. Sharp sting sensation below ribs, hard to concentrate and find words, tired
7/12/21 early morning wake up feeling numb almost like after cramp. Tinnitus, pressure in head.
Sharp stinging right below ribs, tired, mixing up tasks
8/12/21 tired during day, two daytime sleeps, lots of rest, numb left cheek
9/12/21 early wake up numb in both arms, pressure in head, stinging headache, tinnitus
Jaw pain, pressure in ears. Struggling to get words out, thinking ok.
Called an ambulance as feeling really unwell and was admitted to Kawakawa then Whangarei hospital overnight. Felt tremors from 8pm to midnight, hard to speak.
Had CT scan, saw cardiologist,
10/12/21 discharged lunchtime. Not able to differentiate between warm and cold on feet. Cold hands and feet
11/12/21 wake up shaking, stuttery slow speech took about 20 mins after wake up to talk more normally. Had quiet day and could only walk really slowly. In the evening had seizures and called a second ambulance. Fully aware of strong tremors but unable to stop them. They came in waves with short periods of none. Tried breathing to calm them down.
Further seizures in hospital witnessed by a nurse in Kawakawa hospital. Admitted overnight.
14/12/21 increasing abdominal pain, feels like a full bladder but not always that. Lower left back pain from wake up. Feels like someone has a foot on lower stomach. Lymph nodes in groin painful 7/10
15/12/21 wake up cold like feeling, hands. Feet and calves are cold to touch. Needing winter pjs and an electric blanket to warm up.
Biting lips and tongue when eating, cold even when covered in a blanket but no temperature.
16/12/21 wake up cold, lymph nodes 3/10 lower left back pain, pain in left armpit, weak legs, shaking all over, jaw and thigh light cramping when making decisions, questions, thinking. Slow mobility with a robot-like walk. Lower back pain
17/12/21 MRI scans at hospital. Early to bed 7.30pm woke up an hour later with tense muscles, head pressure, crawl on all fours. Cover with a blanket, eye mask and ear muffs for 5 mins reduced the shaking sensation.
18/12/21 legs cramping while sitting, cold sensation in teeth.
19/12/21 confused while making breakfast, tired.
24/12/21 strong abdominal pain, some stinging left side.
27/12/21 heartbeat felt like a loud pulse from neck area up to head. Confused after waking up from a daytime nap.
28/12/21 pain left side above testicles and groin area. Excessive shaking after 20 mins online placing shopping order, mostly in legs.
29/12/21 light headaches all day, different muscles twitching in arms and legs throughout the evening.
1/1/22 Tinnitus, head dizziness and sharp pain in head in evening while laying down.
2/1/22 All day shaking, cold upon waking then thrum all day. Sharp stinging all over head after a walk.
3/1/22 Shaking from morning, gut pain after dinner. Hard to determine when the stomach is full.
4/1/22-8/1/22 Burning sensation on face like sunburn just on the left side. Not sunburn or reaction to anything.
6/1/22 left hand wrist pain down the edge of hand. Left hand side of the neck like sunburn. Stinging on skin surface and when touching, also neck and shoulder.
7/1/22 left foot side pain on edge of foot in morning and then on right side foot in evening. Wrist pain as on 6th still there. Headaches from afternoon, pain behind eyes.
8/1/22 Headaches from morning. Overstimulated from talking with visitors.
10/1/22 light headaches, testicle pain in evening, legs shaking at bedtime.
11/1/22 light headaches, left hand outside edge pain.
12/1/22 Strong headaches
14/1/22 light headaches, pain centre of chest. Lower gut pressure mostly on the left.
M15/1/22 Headaches, left groin pain, left neck burning skin.
16/1/22 Strong headaches that wake him up. Left testicle pain. Constant biting of tongue. Eye pain, sensitive to light. 10mins light gardening and stinging on the left hand side of the chest.
18/1/22 2 hrs work in Russell, exhausted on arrival, 30 min sleep, goosebumps and shivering after a short conversation. Evening headaches. Swallowing issues, groin pain. Midnight wake up due to leg spasms. Twitching for 20 mins, got out of bed, light cramping of muscles, headaches, pain in throat. Taken pain killers.
.19/1/22 Good wake up then back of throat hurt and headaches. Light gardening then pain in chest, stinging like pain.
20/1/22 Shaking legs in air conditioned room.
21/1/22 Work 2 hrs See slow to come out. Painkillers in the afternoon for headaches. Swallowing issue happening more strongly
22/1/22 Wake up cold and shaking. Light headaches. Blood on toilet paper after morning stool. Legs twitching all day when at rest and sitting. Left groin pain. Normal smooth walk in the morning. Gut pain after 5 mins conversation.
23/1/22 Wake up with Strong headaches, lunchtime exhaustion. Feeling sick, Strong headaches, slow walk. Painkillers taken. Ice pack cloth on head and long sleep today.
Full bladder upon waking but long slow weak flow. Centre of gut pain after wee. Painkillers taken. Evening wee normal then gut pain.
24/1/22 Chest pain at centre while laying in bed after waking up. Abdominal pain when yawning. Shaking legs in thigh muscles during the day. 2hrs work
25/1/22 Headaches from waking. Full wee pain. Discomfort in left above groin after wee.No more tongue biting.

Since Jan 22

Had further appointments with Cardiac specialist doctor, Gastroenterologist and further blood tests, CT scan, MRI, skin prick allergy test, endoscopy, physiotherapy for breathing issues.Nerve conduction study.

The following symptoms remain constantly each and every day
Tinnitus, Muscle aches, lack of strength in muscles, muscle fasciculations and myokymia, coordination difficulties and balance issues, cognitive difficulties, groin pain, early waking and sleep disturbances, headaches. Excessive sweating. Difficulties maintaining weight.
Trouble with multitasking issues and memory.

Daniel has been diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis which explains his swallowing issues, his blood tests indicate chronic inflammation in his body. The nerve conduction study wasn’t able to explain the excessive muscle fasciculations and the constant tremor he feels throughout his body. Daniel has improved his diet, changed jobs to a less stressful position as he was struggling with busy situations.

The impact felt by the whole family has been huge, Daniel is the father of two children aged 8 and 10. He can no longer manage to work more than 30 hrs a week and his change of job has seen a decrease in wage. Many health professionals have suggested Daniel just needs to reduce stress, take anti depressants or take some time off. Yet Daniel isn’t at all stressed or depressed and has a good work life balance. He has not felt well since taking the COVID vaccine and has a range of symptoms that no one seems willing or able to explain.

Daniel put a claim into ACC for Vaccine injury which was declined. The mandates made it really hard to access medical specialists as they didn’t want to do in person consultations due to Daniel not being fully vaccinated.

Daniel wouldn’t be able to speak in person regarding his health issues but would be happy for others to represent him or answer any questions if further information was required.