103 Brett & Chris

My wife Chris and I are the parents of Rory Nairn who died suddenly on 17 November 2021, two weeks after receiving the Pfizer vax at a pharmacy in Dunedin. Rory was 26 years old. We have two other surviving adult children, Sarah and Jordan.

Our family was in shock and distraught after Rory’s sudden death. Our grief was compounded because Rory had been fit and active until the day he died, because we intuitively knew that his death was caused by the vaccine that the government had claimed was “safe and effective” and because Rory’s sudden death could have been avoided if he had been able to comprehend the reality of the risks of the vaccine before he got the injection, and if he had not been coerced to get it at all. Indeed the only good to come from Rory’s death is that it has helped raise awareness that the governments “safe and effective” messaging was misleading. We do not understand why the government have persisted with that messaging and bullied and coerced people to get vaccinated, when their own regulator Medsafe had given only provisional consent to the vaccine, and when Medsafe had considerable information about the contraindications, safety signals (including blood clots and myocarditis) and the post vaccine deaths, well before Rory died. The NZ government knew about the risk of myocarditis for young men since at least June 2021 (many months before Rory’s death) but did not publish a public warning about myocarditis until after Rory died. It seems that the information the government had was hidden in various committees instead of being given to the public. Many good people including medical doctors and lawyers in New Zealand that raised this, have themselves been bullied.

On 15 September 2022 the Coroner made findings in the first part of her inquiry that Rory’s death was caused by myocarditis from the Pfizer vaccine. This Coroner relied on a pathology report by Dr Noelyn Hung from a post mortem examination conducted on 17 November 2021. Our lawyer was in contact with the Coroner soon after Rory’s death to urge a full array of pathology tests to be undertaken because his health until then had been so good and his death was so soon after the Pfizer injection (12 days). The report of Coroner Johnson establishing the cause of Rory’s death and when and where death occurred was published on 15 September 2022 (CSU-2021-DUN-000335). At paragraph [28] the Coroner states” I found that Rory James Nairn aged 26 died on 17 November 2021 …. The cause of his death was myocarditis, due to vaccination with the Comirnaty Pfizer BioN Tech COVID-19 vaccine.” Even with such clear pathology evidence it took the Coroner 10 months to make this finding. Chris and I attended most of the coronial inquest in Dunedin in August and September 2022. We were given copies of all evidence and notes of evidence from the coroner’s inquiry. This includes the transcript of the explanation by Rory’s fiancé Ashleigh about guilt she felt for encouraging Rory to get vaccinated due to her misplaced trust in the government “safe and effective” messaging.

The Coroner is yet to complete the second part of her inquiry into whether Rory gave “informed consent” prior to getting the vaccine. That part of the Coroner’s Inquiry is being assisted by the Health and Disabilities Commissioner. We have received occasional updates advising us that investigating the complex issues has required time extensions.

Neither my wife Chris nor I believe Rory gave informed consent to receive the Pfizer shot that caused his death. Rory was a fit healthy young man who was at no apparent risk from Covid, and who did not want to be vaccinated. He was one of the last of his 100 plus work colleagues to hold out. He eventually got vaccinated on 5 November 2021 because of the ongoing government’s media campaign that claimed the Pfizer shot was “safe and effective”, the NZ government withholding information about the risk of myocarditis for many months after it first became aware that the Pfizer shot may cause myocarditis, and the “Traffic Light” system which was announced by the then Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in late October 2021, two weeks before Rory got the injection that caused his death. The coercion involved from this discriminatory “Traffic Light” system meant that Rory could not even have gone to his own wedding reception or other public or private places, and that his work as a plumber would be restricted, unless he first had the Pfizer shot.

Prior to Rory taking the Pfizer shot on November 5, 2021, both Chris and I were educating ourselves with the best information and best intention we could manage. We were very unhappy with the Governments heavy handed pushing of the vaccine and what we perceived as the violation of our basic right to our body sovereignty and to our participation in an open, democratic society. I had left my employment in September 2021 to work full-time on our bathroom renovations as we were able to live on one income. Chris remained in employment as an Assistant Head Teacher ECE. She was forced to leave her position of 11 1/2 years and 22 years professional practice with the teachers “No Jab No job” mandate kicking in on the 15th November 2021, two days before Rory’s death. We were particularly concerned about our family and children and the direction they were being coerced to take, in order to continue with a semblance of normal life. The messaging that was being promoted heavily from the NZ government through publicly funded media was that the Pfizer vaccine was “safe and effective”. We were receiving contrary information from local and international sources that challenged this safe and effective message. We believed there were serious risks associated with the Pfizer shot that did not align with the governments messaging. As parents we wanted our children to have a balanced and properly informed perspective before they decided whether or not to get this new and potentially dangerous experimental injection.

Rory was engaged to be married in March 2022. Rory’s partner Ashleigh (and her family) had taken two shots of the vaccine and Rory and Ashleigh were both busy planning their wedding. Rory was hesitant to take the vaccine as we had tried to warn him about the dangers, specifically for young men under 30 years of age. The information we shared with him was in direct contradiction to the official government “safe and effective” narrative being pumped out from every direction. The pressures to conform were immense and Rory was in a very difficult position with his relationships and workplace directly, along with huge societal pressure to conform or be a pariah. These pressures were starting to divide our family. Chris and I and Rory’s brother Jordan would not have been able to attend the forthcoming wedding. Rory felt compelled to take the vaccine himself, and he was worried about us not taking the vaccine and what the familial and social implications would be for us all as a family going forward.

Chris and I had sat and cried together only a couple of weeks prior to Rory’s death, discussing what we saw as the very real possibility that one of our children could be seriously harmed or die from the injections. Was this some kind of prescience and was it based on sound information that we had at the time? Evidently it was. Rory was very nervous about taking the vaccine and he avoided it until the last possible time. Chris, Jordan and myself would not be able to attend the after marriage celebration that Ashleigh had already organised and booked. She was a true believer in the safety of the Pfizer shot, and was not willing to consider what she believed to be ‘conspiracy theories’ that it might be dangerous, until after Rory’s death.

Our daughter Sarah and her husband Ed also proceeded to get injected so they could go to the wedding and lead a so-called ‘normal’ life. All of them were young and felt confused and coerced by the propaganda and by the restrictions imposed on those who dissented.

On 30 August I posted two very short videos on our family Messenger page. Here is the text from the first of these: 
“I can tell you honestly that it disturbs me deeply to pass this message on to you, but it is my duty to. Not only as a human being, but most especially as a father and father-inlaw. You are free to decide whether you watch this clip. It is 4 minutes long and is taken from a talk i attended on zoom last thursday with 3200 others. The speaker is Dr Peter McCullough from the US. He trained in epidemiology and is a cardiologist and one of the most published practicing medical doctors in the world, with 1000+ publications and 500+ citations in the National Library of Medicine. I regard this session as the most important information event i have ever been privy to. This 4 minute clip relates specifically to the serious heart issues that are occuring due to the injections” – https://odysee.com/@voicesforfreedom:6/Under-No-Circumstances Should-Anyone-Under-30-Consider-The- Covid-19-Vaccine

Rory was quite angry about this message and protective of Ashleigh. They left the family page and I don’t believe he or Ashleigh watched the video. Had they done so and had they taken the message on, Rory would be alive today.

Sarah took one injection before Rory died and was at a later date taken to hospital twice within two days with heart pains, lack of breath and neurological symptoms (she couldn’t walk properly). Chris and i both thought we might lose her at one point. This was in December 2021 soon after Rory died. Sarah fortunately never had any more injections. She has had ongoing health issues since taking one shot of the Pfizer vaccine. After Rory died she was not going to be having any more after realizing the truth about the dangers it imposed.

Was Rory denied his right to make an informed choice? Informed consent requires balanced information about benefits, risks, uncertainties and alternatives and it must be given voluntarily and without coercion. Rory was told repeatedly in government messaging that the vaccine was “safe and effective.” He was never told that he was part of an experimental vaccine trial, that the safety and efficacy was inconclusive and would not be finalised until at least 2023, or that it may cause myocarditis, or other significant harm which might be permanent, or what was in the vaccine itself. He wasn’t told about the real dangers of this experimental shot, and he was brainwashed and coerced and badgered into taking this so that he could have a so-called ‘normal life’ and participate in society. All of it was to be based on trust in the government, the ‘one source of truth’ who stated through Jacinda Adern “we will share with you the most updated information daily. You can trust us as a source of that information. You can also trust the Director General of Health and the Ministry of Health”.

In the circumstances at the time where information about the risk of myocarditis was withheld and we were clearly lied to, along with discriminatory restrictions being imposed on his life, I don’t understand how Rory could give informed consent.

It was revealed through the Coronial Inquest process into Rory’s death, that there had been a Pfizer vaccine associated death in New Zealand prior to Rory and the government had done nothing to raise awareness of the risk. After Rory’s death, raising awareness about potential dangers became very important to us, especially as the government continued with the “safe and effective” propaganda. As it turns out they first raised a proper alert about myocarditis risk after and due to Rory’s death. Evidence is now clear from international data that they knew many months earlier that myocarditis was a risk and that it was a much higher risk factor than they have told the public.

Since Rory’s death we have spoken out publicly on various occasions, including for the NZ documentary #Memorial Day #SilentNo More” to help raise awareness about the risks of the Pfizer vaccine. The documentary can be viewed at: https://silentnomorenz.com/video/memorial-day. I am in contact with a large number of vaccine injured New Zealanders and families, including many others whose family members died after receiving the vaccine. I know from my own personal contacts that there are very many
more post vaccine deaths and serious injuries than have been reported by the government. I want to encourage others to research beyond the pervasive government narrative. I hope that sharing information about what happened to Rory will raise awareness and save other lives. We want to see justice for Rory and for all those harmed.

To this day we still do not have full closure of the Coronial Inquest into Rory’s death as we wait for the Health and Disability Commissioner to complete their inquiry for the Coroner. New Zealand society at large seems to have moved on and the mainstream is not interested in the truth of what has gone on (and continues to go on). There is a deafening silence from the government and their media around the harms caused by this experimental vaccine rollout and to date no one has formally acknowledged what they did to our our son and our family. We are left to try to make sense of and reconstruct our world in a corrupted and delusional mainstream media society. Our so-called leaders no longer act for the interests of the people who elected them and gaslighting is their modus operandi, as they avoid any engagement with a narrative other than their own spin and any responsibility for what they have done. May truth prevail.