104 Katherine


Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech, 26th August 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech, 11th November 2021

My Story – Regarding side effects of forced Covid-19 Vaccines

My name is Katherine and I reside in Thames.

My story starts with being mandated against my will to have two Covid-19 Vaccines so I could finish my Nursing Placements in a rest home while I was training. I only had 6 months left of my training and could not complete it due to refusing to have any more Covid Vaccines because I already had major reactions from the first two.

Since being forced to have Covid 19 Vaccines, they have had such unbelievable negative effects on my health, many unexplained complications in my body and a lot of pain and discomfort. It has destroyed my life and my career.

The side effects I have experienced after receiving the forced Covid 19 Vaccines started straight away for me.

I had the first Covid 19 Vaccine in my left arm and as soon as the needle was removed I bled and felt sick and faint. The nurse put a pad on the bleed and asked me to hold it till it stopped bleeding. I did this and went to the waiting area and felt my heart start to race straight away, but unfortunately, I did not tell the nurse this.

I went home and noticed there was a bruise on the injection site, and the whole top of my arm was swollen and very sore, and stayed there for nearly three months. I was also having sweats all night and this continued for approx. 8 months. (Please note that much of this time is a blur to me as I have had so many health issues, and medical notes don’t appear to be very accurate).

I went to the Doctor as I thought I was starting menopause, but I wasn’t.

My heart rate went up so high, (170). I was at gym that afternoon after the first jab and the machine records your pulse rate heart sensors. I couldn’t believe it. I felt so sick and from then on, my heart rate has been irregular, missing beats, medical term is AF “Arterial Fibrillation”, (this is what it felt like and I have my own stethoscope and could hear it), I still have pain in my left arm and also numbness and a tingling feeling a lot of the time.

After my 2nd Covid 19 vaccine on the 11th November, my symptoms appeared to worsen. My heart was doing the same thing and I was getting tightening across my chest coming from around my heart. I had swelling in my legs so bad they were tight and red. I was extremely tired, and this has led to exhaustion on a daily basis since. My breathing had been difficult at times and it feels worse when I bend down or do anything to exert myself. My body feels inflamed constantly. I have had numerous bladder issues, but the tests have always come back normal for infection, but I have been treated for UTI’s anyway.

I have been to my own doctor, including the walk-in clinic, and the Emergency department at Thames hospital numerous times, especially since my 2nd jab, but there have never been any conclusions from these visits.

Another symptom on 6th May 2022 was terrible vertigo, which I saw a doctor for at the walk-in clinic, who gave me anti-nausea medication and vertigo medication.

I have requested my medical notes from the date of my first Covid 19 vaccine from my doctor and have just received them. BUT there appears to only be mostly notes about my pelvic pain and some about the swelling in my legs and stomach, but very little about consultations re my heart issues.

On 12th December 2022 I was fitted with a 24-hour halter monitor at Thames hospital. Results came in letter form dated 9th February 2022, saying that “it was a poor-quality halter with 10% of the total time being classified as noise and residual baseline being very irregular.” (see attached letter from Cardiology Department). Please note that I have never actually had a consultation with a Cardiologist.

I remember going the walk in clinic at my doctors because I did not feel well after the vaccines and in particular, I was having heart issues. There does not appear to be any notes about this except a couple on my Manage My Health. This concerns me as heart issues have been the main reason for my concerns.

I just want to add since me having the two Covid 19 vaccine’s, My Manage My Health is full of appointments, notes indicate unexplained issues that have continued and are ongoing. I have requested paper copies of all of these by Te Kowowai (my Doctor) which seem to be taking a long time to print. I have tried to print these myself, but it won’t allow me to do so.

The following is an overall conclusion of my health issues which I believe are a direct result from the Covid 19 vaccines:

• Ongoing heart issues – pain and inflammation around my heart area and sometimes so painful that it feels like someone is punching me from the inside.
• My left arm is constantly aching and feels like it is pinching/pins and needles
• Bloating and unbelievable pain in stomach
• Dr thought I had urine infection so many times and kept giving me antibiotics, but they didn’t know what is wrong. The pain I was having was horrible when I needed to urinate. Pain when I urinate.
• Ovaries/pelvic pain – I had a scan in 2019 on my ovaries which showed a simple cyst. An MRI on 20th April 2023 now shows I have Endometriosis and numerous cysts on both ovaries and in my uterus
• Bowels are worse now than ever before and my stomach is always swollen
• Weight gain and can’t shift with fasting, 2 times a day at gym nothing helps
• Extreme Fatigue/No energy
• Lack of focus/memory issues
• I have PTSD from past and its made it worse since having jabs
• Swelling in my whole body but my legs were so bad they were tight and red, blood tests showed nothing
• Depression – not wanting to leave the house or be around people for long
• Breathing issue – when I try and get dressed and put my shoes on my whole body is so stiff and I struggle to breathe.

I have never felt like this in my life.

Yours Sincerely