11 Heather

HEATHER D (62) of NAPIER mandated to become permanently injured.

My story is in support of Aly Cook’s submission to the petitions committee requesting That the House of Representatives call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine use in New Zealand and for those in parliament who may read it. I give my full permission for my story to be shared publicly as part of Aly’s submission to be eventually posted on the NZ Parliament Petitions website.

As I could see no way to keep my job as a mandated teacher, I got the Pfizer Comirnaty in my left arm on the 10th December 2021. No informed consent was given. No consent was given. No jab equalled no job for a single mom who had a mentally ill son at home (he tried to commit suicide immediately after lockdown; lockdown had a profoundly negative affect on him) and I needed the income to keep a roof over our heads and stability for him.

That day, I suffered from feeling faint, my left hand swelled about twice the size of my right hand, I developed a chronic headache such as I have never felt before and had to stay in bed. My balance was affected and I could not walk steadily. Within a few days, hammering behind my left eyeball and on the left-hand side of my head became unbearably painful. There were weird electric-like shocks up the left-hand side LHS of my skull, washing machine in left ear, and continual extreme pain behind the left orbit and on LHS face.

I kept a diary. On Mon 21 Feb 2022, I wrote:
I sleep long hours and wake up hoping for a better day. Reality sets in as soon as I lift my head – the pain is still there on the LHS of my cheekbone, ear, and jaw. It’s particularly prominent inside the ear. Hearing is affected. Loud noises e.g., lawnmower, weed eater, neighbour using hedge trimmer are unbearable. The kettle and dishwasher sound like raging waterfalls that I’m in. A plane flies over and I cry in agony as I feel the plane is going through my head.

During 2022, the following were diagnosed by an ophthalmologist, neurosurgeon, and neurologist:
– neuronitis of the intermedius, vestibulocochlear, and trigeminal nerve
– acoustic neuritis
– predominantly left-sided sensorineural hearing loss
– auto-immune inner ear disease
– atypical Cogan’s syndrome
– noxacusis
– tinnitus
– chronic fatigue
– brain-fog with associated difficulties such as concentration problems
– left eye corneal endotheliitis and subsequent glaucoma

A GP at my medical centre promised me she would write my adverse event up on CARM; she later denied saying she would. I understand the reluctance as doctors were / are too scared of a backlash to their careers. I submitted my adverse event to CARM and never received follow-up of any kind.

ACC declined my claim for a treatment injury; however, the Ministry of Education had informed teachers that ACC would cover all Pfizer jab injuries. ACC gaslit me regarding all my symptoms.

The Ministry of Education and The Ministry of Health did not undertake a risk assessment for the Pfizer mRNA covid injection for teaching staff.
Although I managed to get back to teaching by the grace of God, strength of character and immense perseverance, each day is a struggle. I am energy depleted and in chronic pain (left hand side of head) at the end of every day, mostly in bed by 8pm, and sleep for long hours (if pain doesn’t wake me). Medication – CBD oil – for pain is costly and eats into my limited budget, but a necessary part of my survival. When my brain is fatigued, it shuts off and I cannot think until after sleep. My thought processing is slow, memory is fuzzy, and learning new information is extremely difficult.

The jab injury has changed my life as I cannot attend church, restaurants, theatres, or any venue where there is volume of sound. Lawnmowers, leaf blowers, ride on tractors, loud cars, washing machines, planes and many electrical “hums” cause tremendous pain to the LHS of my head. The fatigue and slow-brain-processing is frustrating. The spike-protein crossed my blood-brain barrier to cause the nerve damage and brain-fatigue. Who knows what the future holds regarding possible dementia, demyelination, or “unknown”?

In hindsight, I would rather have lost my job and still be as 100% healthy as I was before the toxic shot. Many days, the ocean seems to be the most appealing place to wash away the colossal pain ……. but I would not want to hurt my children more than the government has hurt me.

Where is the accountability and compensation for the pain and suffering this has caused many?