110 Kate

Kate (50yrs)

1st dose: Pfizer BioNTech 18th October 2021

Before the mandates I asked my Dr for advice as I didn’t want it as I’d had a reaction to cat scan dye, but I got told about spreading covid and felt really guilty about that. Because I was concerned about having a reaction, I was booked to have it near the hospital. At the time I was a teacher, single parent income with a mortgage.

I was told the health information possible effects by the nurse after the shot went in my arm.

I said to the nurse” if you’d told me that first I wouldn’t have had it”.

Within 2 hours I had severe abdominal pain, chest pain, vertigo, headaches, and nausea.

A week later I was verbally diagnosed with pericarditis, but it wasn’t written into the system as that Dr (not my own Dr, one in triage that day) wrote everything on a piece of paper- not the computer- I thought it odd at the time but didn’t query it.

A few weeks later I was hospitalized with severe chest pain/ nearly collapsed. They treated me well at the hospital until I told them I thought the jab had done this to me, then they were unkind and spoke nastily behind the curtains about people like me spreading the virus. I was really upset about that.

I was in incredible pain all the time and so limited.
Later I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.
I’m still in pain- possibly have fibromyalgia now.

My own Dr was lovely and worked hard to help me- she managed to get me a medical exemption from Dr Bloomfield but it only lasted 3 months, so I still got terminated- after 28 years teaching.
She apologized for not believing I had a vaccine injury to start with – she thought (or hoped) it was a virus.

2 of the 3 ambulance paramedics were lovely, but one told me my heart issues was stress – which peeved me off.

I made 3 reports to CARM and never heard anything back, there was no receipt number so I couldn’t track the information I had inputted.

My Dr sent a 69-page report to ACC including the medical exemption and hospital notes. It was declined. We hounded ACC and were told there’s no legislation for vaccine injuries and the ACC person likened my vaccine injury claim to the cervical mesh incidents – where claims and injuries were recognized years later. My Dr was holding the phone on speaker when the ACC man said that – I think I said swear words and burst into tears.

I attended the silent no more memorial and was grateful that some people believed us. I was so sad and so tired. I lost friends and family, my job, my dignity. I haven’t watched mainstream media since they reported our memorial as a protest.

I’m still having health issues; pain is a constant problem. I’ve spent so much money on natural supplements and I’m at my Dr’s every month as we try to find a pain relief that will work.

Thank you for helping us all. You are amazing.

People are waking up to the truth.

I’d be very grateful for ACC help as my new job – I created a little tutoring business (tutoring wasn’t mandated – go figure) and financial assistance would help – I don’t think my body can heal as well as it might, because I have to work phenomenal hours just to pay the bills.

I wish I’d had the courage to never get the vaccine – at least I’d have my health. I lost my job anyway.

Thank you for having the courage and expertise to stand for us. You are earth angels.