111 Lara

Lara (36 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech 24th November 2021 Batch FK9414
Dose 2: Pfizer BioNTech 15th December 2022 Batch FK9414

I gave in to the mandates just so I could leave Auckland City for Xmas with my family, at that point you weren’t allowed through the roadblocks unless vaccinated – otherwise I would have continued to resist. My wider family had also begun pressuring me. I was not allowed to attend my sister’s birthday gathering, or my dad’s because I was not vaxxed and they didn’t want to make their guests feel uncomfortable.

I was coerced into jab and felt bullied by government mandates. As stated above, I had no choice if wanting to leave Auckland City to spend Xmas with whanau. Yes mahi [work] had a vax policy which prevented me from entering the office, but we were still WFH then and it was yet to become an issue. I would have resisted that policy though. Another issue was that as a Whenua Māori Landblock Trustee, we have regular meetings with Contact Energy who lease some of our land in South Waikato. CE had determined that we could not apply for the annual internship scholarship that they offer to iwi/hapu partners if we weren’t vaxxed, nor would they come to meetings in person on our whenua if we were there unvaxxed. This was more a problem for an uncle who had applied for the internship and been accepted, but they reversed that when he refused to vax, and an aunt that did cultural monitoring for our whenua and refused to vax for this CE.

I had my first bleeding incident the same week after the first vax 24th November 2021 and since then, I have suffered two miscarriages, 08th November 2022 at around 3 months pregnant and 4th February 2023. The second vax was had on 15/12/2022. It is difficult to know if there’s been changes to my menstrual flow because of pregnancies and losses during that time.

Other Symptoms:
I have been extremely traumatized by the coercion and my miscarriages to the point where I feel I am now suffering from PTSD. I get heavily triggered when reflecting on what happened with government narrative and the coercion to jab and my subsequent miscarriages.

My asthma has been worse since the jab. Someone pointed out to me how laboured my breathing was and asked if I’d been vaxxed (this was some months ago). I had been vaxxed by then and had noticed that I get wheezy quicker when exercising (even just a walk in the bush) and more often, and during the night which I didn’t used to get very often unless during a change of season.

Quote: “I’ve been thinking about this and realise that a part of my slowness to respond [to doing the survey] is that I don’t think I have the headspace or mental capacity at the moment to confront the pain of having two miscarriages. – Or of feeling bullied by the government into getting a vaccine in the first place. I said to them when I signed the vaccination form that there should be a box to tick that says, “consent is given but only because I feel I had no other real choice”.

Mauri ora,