114 Andrew

Andrew (52yrs)

Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech 6th October 2021 FH0114-004
Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech 17th November 2021 FK0115-004

Firstly, my name is Andrew and I am 53 this October. I have been a healthy active person and enjoy cycling and hiking. I especially enjoy multi day rides such as bike packing adventures. I eat mostly a plant-based diet and avoid processed foods, takeaways, soft drinks, and sweets. I have never been a smoker.

My experience with the vaccine rollout and mandates was hugely disappointing and frustrating. It has left me with a huge distrust of our government, our healthcare system, and our healthcare professionals. Not to mention mainstream media.

My first appointment for the Pfizer BioNTech was on 6-10-21. Batch number FH0114-004. I received this at The Chemist Warehouse in St Luke’s. I need to make it clear I never wanted to take this. I do not believe you should be forced into taking any medical intervention without proper informed consent. Due to the mandates, I had absolutely no choice. Because I provide services to the Healthcare Industry it would have been impossible to continue working due to the mandates and the vaccine pass.

The first dose left me with a sore arm for a few days. At first, I felt pretty good. However, about a week after receiving the dose I started to feel a lot of physical fatigue. Also, when I went out to walk the dog, I would find my heart pounding in my chest climbing a small rise in the track or the stairs on a bridge. This was like it wanted to break out of my chest and ears. I also felt like my legs had no power left. The feeling I can relate to is when you have ridden all day and in the last hour of the ride you simply cannot push hard on the pedals. This excluded cramps which you do get when spent exercising. I never talked to the doctor about this and did not raise in in a CARM report because I felt it would pass. The message told was it’s your body making immunity.

My second dose was again at The Chemist Warehouse in St Luke’s. It was the Pfizer BioNTech. Batch number FK0115-004. At this time, I’d been encouraged by my employer to get the second dose. We were decontaminating the MIQ facilities and servicing equipment in many of the main hospitals, ultrasound clinics, radiology clinics and government CRI like MPI in Upper Hutt, Plant & Food Research, the UOA Medical School, AgResearch and some pharmaceutical companies like CSL, Malaghan Institute etc. Although my employer understood my hesitancy, they explained I would get to the stage where I would not be able to do my job. Already most DHB had sent letters where the company had to confirm that they met all mandated requirements. At my age it is very difficult to get employment because I am specialized in my profession and there are not many opportunities out there. It took me 5 years to find the position I am in now before I could resign from the previous company. So, I didn’t feel I had any choice whatsoever. I had three sons. My wife had passed away in 2018. Life is expensive. I’m on a single income.

I received the second dose on the 17-11-21. At the time I was extremely worried and feeling very anxious. I told the girl who was administering the vaccine that I didn’t want it. She asked me if I consent. I said, “no but I have no choice because I am coerced by the government”. She again asked me if I consent. Again, I replied, “no but I have no choice because I am coerced by the government”. She then gave me the injection. At the time, and when I received the first injection, I was never told of any side effects. I was never warned about myocarditis or pericarditis. Never warned about blood clots or nervous system damage. There are now so many issues associated with this vaccine the list could go on for paragraphs.

After the second dose the fatigue was worse. The pounding chest for moderate exercise was continuing. I stopped cycling for about 2 months. When I felt things had settled down, I started cycling again. One time I recall I was out riding, and I had a lot of chest pain. I felt it was warranted to see a doctor. However, the GP I use, Four Kauris, was trying to make all consults by phone and were reluctant to see you in person. I talked in length to a doctor about the experience of chest pain and lethargy. They basically said it was muscular and I didn’t have anything to worry about because I was able to exercise without shortness of breath or dizziness. If I was really concerned, I could get an ecg but not necessary.

Since the vaccinations I have never been the same as pre-vaccination. It takes a long time to build fitness and often after exercise I experience a lot of fatigue. I feel now that my heart is more settled but occasionally, I still get tightness and chest pain. The pounding heart seems to have gone.

I find myself now very distrustful of our government, healthcare system and healthcare professionals. I believe we were lied to. The first lie was that it stays in your arm and leaves the body soon after. They even had an ad. We now know it does not do that. It spreads throughout the body in hours and even crosses the blood brain barrier.
They told us it stops you getting COVID. This is a lie because I got COVID in March 2022.
They told us it stops transmission, but this is a lie because I caught it from my son who was fully vaccinated at the time.

They told us it was safe. But this is a lie, and we now know this has harmed so many people all over the world. They still try to pretend this doesn’t happen. Despite numerous reports of adverse effects following vaccination all around the world. So many deaths associated with the proximity of the vaccination and in some cases definite coroner’s reports stating this. This further proves a lie and dishonesty. Knowing what I know now I would definitely have opted out. I don’t believe the risks were ever explained and I do not know what the long-term effect will be to my health. I don’t know when the body will stop producing spike protein and where the cells are affected and what organs are affected. I was not told this was gene therapy and if I was told I would not have taken part. I believe the mandates were a breach of my human rights. This being despite the government’s amendments to the bill of rights that allowed such a travesty of breaches to take place. I now know people who have issues such as tachycardia which is surprising considering their age.

I hope sharing my experiences helps to bring out the truth and justice. I hope it helps to see those affected being recognized and acknowledge.

Kind Regards