117 Fiona

Fiona (62 years)

Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech 12th November 2021
Dose 2 AstraZeneca

I took the vaccine as required by the mandate – it was a job requirement for continuing employment. I knew I was highly likely to react to the injection and my best option would be to have the AstraZeneca jab. I was told if I hadn’t had it by the cutoff date, I would lose my job. I begged to be allowed to wait until that one was available – 6 days after taking the Pfizer vaccine, the AstraZeneca became available.

I had one dose of Pfizer. For the second dose I had AstraZeneca – I did not have any side effects from the AstraZeneca.

12/11/2021. Presented to GP Clinic, called up at 1:14 pm to come in to have vaccine.

Advised nurse that I am only present due to the Govt mandate, or I lose my job and as there is no other vaccine available and that I am not being given a choice as I need to work. I am not willingly participating in a global experiment.

Not asked if any other vaccines in past month only if had any reactions to vaccines.

The informed consent consisted of “sore arm, headache and a few people get nausea. “

Requested permission to photograph notes on computer. Took photo.

No consent asked for other than “ok to go ahead now”
Informed consent as detailed in the immunisation handbook definitely not carried out.
No mention of more serious adverse events. No mention of notifying CARM of adverse events.


10 mins out from jab, generalised itching (same as my reaction to some radioactive isotopes used for imaging).
Then burning upper lip, and a headache.
Taken back to consulting room. Reviewed by nurse – BP and pulse taken compared to last BPs (prior to commencing new meds) who spoke with Dr. advised to have antihistamine. Prescription sent to lab and allowed to go. The total time was over in half an hour.

Post advice: if any concerns or you get worse go to an A&M as we are closed over the weekend.

Overnight: band around chest.
Saturday am: lethargy, stomach ache
Pm: headache, low grade fever – 36.5, diarrhoea.
Sunday: burning type pain down from my left elbow to tip of thumb. Stabbing type pain in the L) sacroiliac joint. Arthritic type flare up. Feeling really hot, wrists swollen. Can’t stand my watch around my wrist. Sinus pain, sneezing and coughing.
Intermittent stabbing type pain in legs, particularly my calves. Moving neck causes increase in headache.

Hot with headache. Intermittent pain particularly in L) calf. Feeling exhausted and everything takes huge effort.

Tired +++
Stabbing pain in the back of my neck going up into head causing headache. Worked today with difficulty. Dull headache through most of the day gradually getting worse.
Tinnitus in both ears.

Woke aching in back. On getting out of bed, intense backache and from waist down a sense of heaviness and legs felt like lead on trying to walk. Walked with extreme difficulty. Gradually became easier but still have heaviness from waist down.
Low grade headache throughout day with random shooting pains from upper Rhs of spine in neck into skull.
Joint pain in wrists, elbows, shoulders and hips during the evening.
Fluid retention in legs below knees with pitting oedema.
Over the following couple of weeks joint pain settling to bearable, crp remains at 3.

2/12/21 Finally oedema in lower legs has gone this morning, pain in the neck into skull continues, BP no longer stable, continuing to have arthritic pain in hands and spine.

Present time.
Cardiac: Bp became unstable meds changed. Bp kept going up. Pitting oedema returned.
Climbing stairs needed to stop twice due to breathlessness – never had to prior to the first jab.

I was given a pacemaker in March 2023 for 2:1 heartblock. I still lack energy, fatigue quickly and get bouts of ectopy and occasional chest pains.

I am still waiting for my 6wk review a year late. I contacted outpatient call centre and was told I wasn’t in the system for an appointment, but I persevered and had them look back at my last visit and I was put down for a 6-week review of the medication due to its risks. I am still waiting to be seen.

I am not that steady when walking and have times where I lose my sense of balance.

I had done a lot of reading and researching of data as I was a vaccinator for 30 years. As a result, both the Cardiologist and Rheumatologist both acknowledged it was from the first vaccination rather than the second vaccination.