118 Jazmin

Jazmin (20 yrs at time of vaccination)

1st dose: Pfizer BioNTech October 2022
2nd dose: Pfizer BioNTech November 2022

My daughter had two Pfizer vaccinations; she was 20 years old at the time

After the 2nd one she had bouts of vomiting on and off for the next 6 months. She would vomit up bile only. The vomiting would go on until I got her to the doctors and put her on a drip to re-hydrate her.

The time between each vomit was 20 mins and would go on all day and night.

She lost 10kgs over this time and had damage to her esophagus, which she is now on a drug to keep the bile down to heal her esophagus.

At first, I thought she had a tummy bug, so was looking after her at home. The vomiting continued for 3 days. After that I did not let it go past the 2nd day. Anti-nausea pills or injections did not work to stop her vomiting.

They referred us to a specialist as they didn’t seem to know what was wrong.

The specialist gave no explanation as to the cause. But told us of the effects and prescribed the medication.

She has now gone a good 6 months without (an attack) of vomiting.

I do know the vaccine attacks the area where people have inflammation already.