119 John

John (49yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty 3rd November 2021
2nd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty 24th November 2021
3rd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty 22nd March 2022

To whom it may concern

I have suffered a major and long-lasting series of side effects from the Pfizer booster shot I had on 22 March 2022. (14 Months ago)

It had an immediate and long-lasting effect. I had a covid ‘test’ to confirm this was a direct result of the vaccine and not the virus. The blood test confirmed I have not had covid.

From the day I had the jab, I spent 6 weeks unable to get off the sofa or out of bed.

Symptoms include (but not limited to), headache, extreme lethargy, brain fog, confusion (sometimes leading to frustration, leading to difficulty interacting with people, leading to isolation), heart problems, (this may have started prior to the booster shot but after the first 2 shots, I’m unsure of exact timeline of heart issues). I had an ECG and ultrasound at Dunstan Hospital.

I am still suffering all of these symptoms today – some days are better than others. But I still have at least 3 days per week when I am completely incapacitated, (headache/lethargy/ confusion, I just had a 3-week episode that I could barely leave the house other than for groceries).

Before I had the jab I was a highly functioning builder with staff and lots of projects I was running concurrently. I no longer have staff, can hardly function at all and struggle to get basic tasks completed. My ability to communicate and work with others is a distant memory.

All directly resulting for the Vaccine.

I have tried on many, many occasions to get help. I have been clear, and I have used the words, out loud to many ‘professionals, ‘I need help’ – not an easy thing for an independent highly functioning business owner to say.

I asked my doctor, multiple times, (I get on well with Dr McLeod, I believe he tried to do his best but was either caught between a rock and a hard place, i.e. did not want to lose his job by acknowledging there is a serious problem with vaccines, or he genuinely did not know how to help me.

I made a claim with ACC, that was rejected. I asked the person who called to tell me I was rejected if there were others with the same symptoms as me, he said there were many.

I have appealed ACC’s decision. And I have asked ACC to find me a professional to help me find a cure / solution. I have offered to pay for this. I asked ACC because they have access to every healthcare provider in NZ. (no response from ACC).

I asked a second doctor (he just looked at the floor, I wish I was exaggerating or being metaphorical. He actually looked at the floor as soon as I said ‘reaction to the Covid booster). I asked him if he ‘was for real?’ And walked out of the consult.

I had an ECG and Ultrasound at Dunstan hospital. They could not find any problems but did not give me the follow up consult I was promised – I still have heart issues.

ACC have also provided a therapist, when I started to talk about my symptoms, she just said I am going to have to learn to cope. I asked if she had some resources to find a specialist. She said no.

I finally put a post on some random Facebook buy and sell pages. The post stayed up before the FB algorithm deleted it. In that post I asked if others were having the same problems and if anyone could offer any help. In those few hours before FB deleted the post, I was given more help and resources (from 4 strangers) than the past 12 months of trying to get help from ‘professionals.

A link to the government Covid adverse reaction page. This page is an ‘old’ page but is fully functional apart from the ‘submit’ button. Is outrageous that this page is still live, takes 5 layers of submission pages and then leaves the user at a dead end. This is basic tech and needs fixing. Or is it a deliberate attempt to keep the number of reported injuries low? https://report.vaccine.covid19.govt.nz/s/

Then there is this organisation, Immunisation Immunisation@health.govt.nz
I got a very nice and polite response. However, all the information was wrong and/or misleading. I replied (politely) pointing out their advice on making a claim with ACC was totally wrong, that the data for people complaining of adverse reactions is baseless, (it is almost impossible to register an adverse reaction). My case in point. It has taken me over a year.

In summary, I have been made to feel like a crazy person, that I am alone, and I need to learn to live with my symptoms. I think this is called gaslighting, from all the professionals I have asked for help.
I did not want to get vaccinated, but it was clear that employment opportunities and the ability to travel overseas to see dying family would be impossible, or even enter a café!

The government coerced me and the rest of the country into this. Every TV show, every radio show, TV ads, and even worse was the peer pressure from other brainwashed citizens that looked down on all neighbours/co-workers. All because the government wanted us all to get vaccinated.
The government, however, does not have a single person or avenue to get help from. 5 million people wanted immunised, not 1 person taking accountability or offering support.

I got a text a few days after the booster asking if I had a bad reaction. I said yes, no follow up.

I made a submission to CARM, again no follow up.

I have made multiple requests for help, not a single follow up.

I did what the government wanted/ demanded/ mandated. And now I am seriously ill. Unable to work or have social interaction. I’m pretty confident my heart and other physical issues will cut my life short.

There is no accountability. There is nowhere to turn for help. There is no financial assistance. I am unable to work. There needs to be some accountability, acknowledgment, and discussion about how we are going to fix this.

Fix me.

I have still not found any help.
I have proof of all the above if required.
If required, I can make a personal statement.