12 James

James, age 36, BOP

*Date of injections. Which product?

-14 Jan 2022, Pfizer

*Did you take the injection willingly or were you mandated?

-Mandates for work- was really against getting it, tried talking to my boss, who gave me no option and instead made fun of my concerns.

*Timing of onset of your Adverse Event

-9 days after 2nd jab symptoms started

*Details of your Adverse Event

-Heart palpitations, sore chest, difficulty breathing and doing simple tasks like making the bed, headaches, fatigue, nausea, trouble sleeping

*Did you require medical treatment or hospitalisation? How were you treated by your Dr or hospital…with compassion and honesty or were you medically gaslighted?

-Yes, GP first who was understanding and said it sounded like a vaccine reaction. Then went onto Tauranga hospital who didnt seem to take it seriously, made me feel silly when I described my symptoms and like I wasnt being truthful. He reassured me obs were fine and they had checked everything and to go home. I later paid for my own cardiologist appt which took 3 months to see anyone who did pick up an irregular heart beat and inflammation to the heart wall muscle, he described it as a ‘type of pericarditis’ but assured me there was no permanent heart damage so to go about my business but listen to my body. (Still unable to exercise or live properly)

*Did you report your event to CARM? If so did they contact you to confirm receipt and ask further questions?

Yes reported to CARM, no contact was made from them

*Did you apply for ACC and were you successful or declined?

Did not apply for ACC – knew this would not be likely from others experience

*How are you NOW? Is your injury fully resolved or do you remain sick or even worsening over time?

Far from fully resolved, still sick with symptoms, especially after any sickness like a cold/sinus symptoms heighten. Can’t exercise properly, gained 10kgs, bed ridden at times from fatigue. Sourcing detox to try and help which is proving hugely costly.