120 Maria

Maria (73yrs at time of death) – made on behalf by her son Osmyn

Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech 10th June 2021
Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech 23rd July 2021

My mother Maria Tunu M passed away 6/12/2021 in her home surround by loved ones.

I was lucky enough to see her the day before she passed away as the Auckland boarder was in place and I live in Tauranga.

My mother fell ill not long after her second vaccine. She went to Middlemore hospital for a checkup through lockdown, had to wait for a long time plus get through security.
On the 30th of July 2021 she was told she has stage four lung cancer. She did not want to do chemotherapy, as stage 4 was unlikely to be successful.

My mother passed away in December 2021.

She was fit and healthy before the vaccine.

Kind regards