123 Melanie

Melanie (50 yrs)

1st dose: Pfizer BioNTech October 2021

I had the vaccine as I am a teacher, so was mandated by the govt.

I had my first vaccine in October 2021, and two weeks later started feeling pains in my chest/heart area which kind of felt like heart burn in the beginning. I called my Dr, and explained to the nurse who said that is would have nothing to do with my vaccine – I told her that I had looked up the Ministry of Health guidelines around the covid vaccine and that it said for me to call my Dr if I experienced any such symptoms and that I wanted to make a Dr. Appointment.

I got an appointment with a Dr. and she said it was likely to be reflux and I got a prescription for reflux medicine which I didn’t take as I knew it wasn’t this. She sent me for an ECG.

Because I was still having pain, a couple of weeks later I spoke to a different Dr about what I was experiencing, and he had me have an ECG and I was sent for blood tests and an x-ray.

Another few weeks went by, and I was still having pain, so made another appointment and I spoke to another Dr. and she said it was likely to be inflammation of the muscle (heart) and she gave me a course of ibuprofen as she said it was possibly inflammation, and this didn’t help.

In here somewhere I had to have my second vaccination otherwise I would have lost my job.

If I remember right, I went to the Dr another 2 times after this. I had another ECG, more blood tests and the Dr. ordered an echocardiogram. I had to wait a few months for the echocardiogram which I travelled to Dunedin to have – this didn’t show anything. This was about a year after my first vaccine.
I’m pretty sure my Dr. reported this to CARM, as he told me he thought I had a vaccine injury from my first covid vaccine. ACC wasn’t applied for.

To this day I still get chest pain, some days I don’t feel it, other days I have to take Panadol for the pain and put a hot water bottle on my chest, some days I wonder if I should call an ambulance, other days I wonder if I should/shouldn’t carry on with my normal activities – this is a very stressful thing to live with.

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