126 Cheyenne

Name: Chey

Age: 27yrs – the injury happened when Chey was 26

Type of vaccine received: Pfizer Sars Cov2 Vaccine

Whether voluntary or coerced by peers/ family members or mandated by their employer:

Chey’s employer was in the process of having a nervous breakdown from the extreme distress of being forced to either Mandate her employees to have the vaccine, which was totally misaligned with her integrity and values, or loose her new business and significant investment. Chey disregarded her personal values and the research she had been undertaking which indicated that there were great risks to human health. She succumbed to taking the injection with the intention of helping to reduce her Boss’s distress. She was also prompted by a desire to retain acceptance within her peer group who were displaying shockingly discriminatory and derogatory behaviors towards people choosing not to vaccinate.

Symptoms and timing of when they received the vaccine.

Chey received her first Sars Covid 2 Pfizer “Vaccine” after her day’s work at a popular Northland cafe on 12 November 2021 – She immediately noticed Heart palpitations and arrythmia symptoms. The day following the vaccine Chey fainted at work. A visit to the Emergency Department at Whangarei Hospital and a very long wait, led to inconsistant test results and instructions to purchase an unobtainably expensive Apple software device that would take regular measurements of her heart rhythms. At followup GP visits her GP diagnosed Pericarditus and stated that it was a vaccine injury and that they were seeing a lot of patients with similar results over the past weeks. Chey was bed ridden for months turning into years. She was unable to perform ordinary basic physical activities such as walking. Symptoms included heart pain, all-over pain, inability to arouse from her stupor of drowsiness, lethargy and inertia. Oversensitivity to light, skin ultra-hypersensitivity, headaches, panic attacks, hyper-anxiety, odema and fluid retention, huge weight-gain, random invasive flashes of intense light, hallucinations. After a year of no improvements symptoms increased to alarming and intolerable all-over, severe nerve pain diagnosed as Small Fibre Neuropathy. She has been unable to work and is confined to bed most of the time. She has explored numerous allopathic medications. Her Neurology Specialist refuses to affirm that her injuries are the result of the Pfizer ‘vaccine’. Because she has a limited sickness-benefit income she is reliant on receiving assistance through the Government Health system that refuses to acknowledge her injury. Although there are numerous avenues she could explore, they are not funded by the health system and are therefore unavailable options due to her low income status.

I just wanted to add an additional comment to my Aly Cook’s Submission to the petition to parliament regarding Chey Harvey.

I stated in my contribution that Cheyenne is 27. Since beginning to write this, she has turned 28. She was very distressed about turning 28 because when she was doing her Diploma in Music at Mains Music School in Central Auckland her tutors instructed that if you havn’t made it in the music industry by the time you are 28, then it’s too late. She hasn’t been able to build up her music profile because with her ‘vaccine’ injuries she can never commit to doing a performance, knowing that she is likely to be too unwell.
Nga Mihi,