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Jenny (64 years)


My husband is 70 and I am 64. I also am overweight with diabetes and high blood pressure. My husband has AF issues. We both do exercise virtually daily and generally eat a healthy diet. With our health and age issues we did a lot of research on the vaccine, taking advice from a wide range of top international health authorities ranging from Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Dr Bhakdi virologist from Germany, Dr Robert Malone who was an inventor of the mRnA technology who was raising some flags. Also, Dr Peter McCullough a Reno Cardiologist.

We decided we did not want to take the vaccine and then sought other health remedies since we took Covid seriously.

We would have liked to have been able to take hydroxychloroquine since we had taken chloroquine for some years in Vanuatu and seen how extremely effective it was against malaria and quite safe. We would also like to have had the option to use Ivermectin.
We took the health remedies that we could and looked after our health as best we could.

In April 2022 Robert contracted Covid on a Tuesday evening and was feverish and not wanting to eat, until he woke up recovered on Thursday morning. I contracted Covid on Thursday night and was feverish, not eating until Saturday morning. So, we were both sick and feverish for 36 hours. We were then low energy, needing extra rest for the next 10 days. Robert was 69 at the time and I was 63. In the end we both felt this was not something that we had needed a vaccine for – 36 hours feverish! We had had worse flus in our time than this. Why were people being mandating out of their jobs over a 36-hour bug? Why were families being split over a 36-hour bug? Why was our country locked down and our economy set back decades over a 36-hour bug? What was all the fear campaign about? Why were we locked out of cafes and restaurants and public libraries and swimming pools and movie theatres over a 36-hour bug?

Our ten-year-old son became unwell with Covid midday Friday and was a bit feverish till he woke well again the next morning. This was not a child who had needed to be vaccinated.

We are friends with two couples, Gravatt’s and Herrings both in early to mid-60’s. They weren’t vaccinated either and had short cases of Covid as we did. By contrast our vaccinated friends would be very unwell for about 5 days, some lingering issues.

I have talked with a friend, Rachel in her late forties. She and her husband and 3 children – aged 10 years and two in mid-teens – all unvaccinated and when they got Covid they were in bed for three days with sore throats, aches in joins and felt like they had the flu. Then another week getting strength back. Rachel caught it a second time recently and felt unwell and a bit feverish with one day in bed.

By contrast Covid has been a big deal for our vaccinated friends, very unwell for at least five days and taking more time to recover after that.

We have five adult sons in their mid 20’s to early 30’s. Two unvaccinated sons caught Covid and were lightly unwell. One unvaccinated son was hanging out with a friend all afternoon and evening, sharing a bag of crisps then the friend came down with Covid the next day. Our son didn’t get Covid.

A few months later in February 2022 the son was mandated for work to be vaccinated and within 3 to 4 weeks after being vaccinated he contracted Covid and was sick for 5 days. He didn’t even know who he caught it from. This son has played top premier level hockey for many years, fit and healthy and virtually never sick and had 28 days sick leave in the days of 5 sick days a year. Throughout his school life he might be sick for a day or two every other year. Six weeks ago I learned he had been sick yet again and asked him how much time he had taken off on sick leave. He had been off sick for 3 days. I then asked him how much sick leave he had left. He told me it used to be 28 days. When I asked how much he had left he looked it up on his phone and said he now had 14 days. So, he had 10 days sick leave and had also used up 14 days of his saved up sick leave which means 24 days sick leave in one year. His employer should be ruing ever mandating him! Now 24 years old! Data doesn’t lie and nor do sick leave forms.

What caused me to ask further was a conversation with my 30-year-old unvaccinated son. He was telling me about his hale and hearty, hunting and fishing, fit and healthy, never sick friends. He was noticing that the friends who had been vaccinated were getting sick and taking days off work on sick leave, which was not the case before the vaccine. Previously they were virtually never sick. My son was also noticing small and medium businesses seemed to have people off sick most of the time and now seldom have a full quota of employees.

Our 27-year-old son was vaccinated in October 2021. In February 2022 he came down with Covid and was severely ill with dysentery for 10 days. Ever since he has struggled to get his strength and energy back. He is a highly motivated person with lots he wants to do and would think he was coming right and then crash. He would keep getting sick.
He was best man at a wedding in February and crashed the next day needing a day off work. This is not normal for him pre-vaccine and is not normal for a healthy 27-year-old.

So, in our family of five sons, three are vaccinated and three of the wives/partners are vaccinated. Two of the vaccinated sons and two of the vaccinated ladies seem to be constantly getting sick.

It is only May and there is so much sickness everywhere, particularly among young adults. I do not ever recall so much sickness and people off on sick leave like the last six weeks has been. It’s like the vaccine has taken out their immune systems which is actually what Dr Bhakdi, virologist from Germany was warning in mid-2021.

We went to use the Albany pools several weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon only to find a queue going out to the door. An attendant came and suggested people do not wait as it was unlikely they would get into the pools that day. She told me that many of the lifeguards were off sick. My friend Rachel went another day and struck the same thing.

These are just my observations within a fairly small group of people, however other friends are noticing the same. They too noticed that the vaccinated generally got sicker and for longer with Covid and now there is sickness everywhere. One friend’s 27-year-old daughter has been unwell for some time and can’t shake the sickness off despite 3 doses of antibiotics. It’s really sad for these young people.

Data doesn’t lie and nor do sick leave records. It could be quite straight forward to ask a group of employers about sick leave and if there has been an increase in sickness among vaccinated employees. Polls could ask people if they are vaccinated or not and how many days, they were sick in bed with Covid and how many days before they got their strength back and how sick were they the second time they caught Covid – if they had it twice. These are important questions for our economy and wellbeing as a nation.

I would like to speak to this Submission if the opportunity is available.