13 Katie

I took both the first and second Pfizer vaccines willingly and had a serious adverse reaction after the second vaccine (in Oct 2021).

Two days after the vaccine I developed heart palpitations, shortness of breath and racing heart. I also had constant unusual neural sensations. After a few visits to the GP and a cardiologist appointment (who identified hypertension and additional ectopic beats) my GP made a CARM report.

The additional health problems I had included insomnia, constant nausea, dizziness, neuropathy in hands and feet, vision deterioration, major changes to menstrual cycles, tinnitus and back pain.

Through a process of exclusion, my GP made a referral to ACC as a vaccine injury. After 8 months this was declined and recently appealed through a lawyer.

During the worst parts of this reaction I was unable to work, parent my children, drive or do any of my usual duties. I was very fortunate to have an employer who let me take sick leave and granted me special leave. If I had not been in this employment situation it is highly likely I would be unemployed now. I have been in hospital twice, seen three separate private cardiologists and most recently the cardiologist will be conducting a cardiac MRI to rule out myocarditis. I have paid almost 6k in medical fees to seek a solution and to get back to good health.

My health has not been the same since. My current persisting issues include vision deterioration, constant daily heart issues (ie. significant increased heart rate, ectopic ventricular beats) and chronic back pain.

I have found my GP to be incredibly supportive and she has left no stone unturned. As I mentioned, I was willing to receive the vaccination for a number of reasons, mainly that it was continually being reputed to be safe and effective and that it was the right thing to do for a member of society. I am from a family that is pro- vaccination and we openly encouraged everyone, including children to receive them. I truly believed that if anyone was unfortunate to have an adverse reaction that these people would be looked after by our medical system and government agencies. This was an area that I was most surprised and alarmed about – that general lack of care and dismissal of vaccine adverse reactions has been more than disappointing.

I find it impossible to get the right kind of support with restrictions and lack of open dialogue on social media (i.e. there are minimal groups that can support each other) complete remiss of reporting of vaccine injury via mainstream media and the abdication of responsibility from New Zealand Government agencies.

Ngā mihi nui

Katie H