131 Barbara

Barbara (67 yrs)


 I got tinnitus and blurry vision hours after receiving Novavax.  The shingles started 2 weeks after and still flair up every couple months.

My doctor initially acknowledged the tinnitus been a reaction to Novavax and said he was reporting it and not to have any more.  My appointments were free yet now he seems to skirt around the reason.

I am on bp and heart meds for tachycardia and strong blood thinners. Of course, the tachycardia which was confirmed (by using e g and wearing heart Holter monitor) has been put down to my age and anxiety.

Prior to that I was sailing each weekend and going to HITT classes 6 days a week now I am always so tired.

I have a follow-up with the Ophthalmology for eyes in June.