133 Bryan

Bryan (64 yrs)


At that the time of vaccination I was in good health and had no pre-existing conditions.

Approximately two weeks after vaccination I started experiencing seizures.   Since experiencing the seizures, I have had a CT scan, MRI scan and EEG. Nothing unusual was found and I have been diagnosed with epilepsy.

I don’t know if it’s the seizures or medication for the seizures, but I now have chronic memory loss, insomnia, increased irritability, and a bit of depression as well as other issues.

My GP and a friend of mine who is also a GP won’t entertain the idea (not even for a second) that the vaccine could be a cause of the seizures.

I’m not so sure, and feel a bit let down by what I feel is a biased system. As a result of my experience, I doubt that I’ll ever have any vaccination ever again.