134 David

David (50 years)

Dose 1 AstraZeneca 8th January 2022
Dose 2 AstraZeneca 4th February 2022

In 2022, due to imposed mandates, my employer ‘The Southern Institute of Technology’, showing an outstanding lack of moral fortitude, gave into the mass hysteria and demanded all staff take the vaccine or lose their jobs. It should be noted that said employer had no idea it was actually safe and had no health and safety plan in place if it turned out it was indeed unsafe, they blindly followed the government who had little to no right to impose such a blatant breach of human rights in the first place.

With no choice I was forced against my will to get the so-called vaccine or no longer have an income and be made a social outcast – there is no denying that this is what was happening at the time for indeed the government was gleefully encouraging it.
The first forced vaccination on 8 January 2022 left me in bed for three weeks, in pain, and quite sick. I would feel very dizzy and my left arm, where I got the injection, was numb and would shake (I would have whole body shakes as well). I went to my GP who was in no way interested in even considering the idea that my issues were related to the vaccine even though I have never had such symptoms before it. I asked if he would file a CARM report, but I found out later he did not.

It took me around a month to recover from the first shot, so it is understandable that come the second forced vaccination, I was a little less than positive about its safety, and indeed my fears were borne out to be quite founded.

The whole experience of the second forced vaccination, was humiliating, and frankly the actions of the staff were utterly reprehensible.

In good faith, even though the government and my employer had shown none, I went to the so-called vaccination centre, on 4 February 2022 the woman named “Bridget” (working at the Orchard Road facility Christchurch), was rude, confrontational, and frankly nasty to deal with.

I was asked how I felt after the first shot so I told the truth, I explained that I had been very unwell for weeks and I was quite concerned about how I would react to a second shot. This was a mistake as she became very nasty and threatened to have me removed from the facility for being difficult. This was quite shocking, all I wanted was an understanding about how I would likely react to a second shot considering as I had been very unwell. I did not threaten her or even raise my voice, however, she reacted in this extreme way.

She then said to the other woman in the room that she was changing the dose and she was going with a different shot, I have no idea what she changed it to but I do know the effect. My partner is a witness to this as she was there also, to get her mandated vaccination. “Bridget” never explained what the change was or why it was necessary.

With little to no care the woman just shoved the needle in, seconds later I could taste it which was not a good sign. We were ushered out and made to wait for 15 minutes, over that time I began to feel very odd. My left arm, where I had the shot, started to feel numb from fingers to shoulder and I also had a headache forming, and while my left foot was starting to feel much like my arm.

It is here where the lack of morals displayed by my employer truly hit home. I had no choice but take the shot and take a massive risk. In a world where my human rights actually meant something, I could have left then and not be forced to undergo a medical procedure with a woman who was frankly a psychopath, but since the Southern Institute of Technology had in short said “no jab no job” I was faced with no choice.

Upon leaving the so-called vaccine centre I proceeded to drive home. I managed to drive the car for maybe a few hundred meters before I had to stop as my left arm felt like it had hot water poured over it and broken glass inside. This feeling spread out down my legs, and I began to shake uncontrollably, I cannot truly describe how painful it was.

And so began what has been the worst year and a half of my life, by the time I got home on that day I could no longer move my hands and speaking was a massive issue not to mention the seizures. It did calm down to tremors within the hour, but my left arm still felt very painful and unresponsive, I thought at the time ‘well it is calming down so maybe the worst is over.’ That was wishful thinking.

I contacted my GP and made an appointment for as soon as possible. By the time I got to him, a few days later, walking was painful, my left hand had curled up and felt ice cold one moment and burning hot if I touched anything. I had constant tremors, and the seizures were slowly beginning to get worse. Now if I thought my GP would be any different to the first time, I would be sorely mistaken. There seemed a determined effort not to even consider a reaction to the vaccine, and I had to demand he fill in a CALM report, as he did not suggest it even.

One ray of hope came in the form of NZDSOS, while it cost me a small fortune. They did take vaccine injury seriously and provided me with what I hoped at the time would be a plan to getting well again.

Now while the former was not the silver bullet I was hoping for, I do believe their treatments did at the least halt further decline and begin what has turned out to be a very slow recovery.

Over the rest of 2022 I would find myself having worse fits, I would collapse and shake uncontrollably, the constant fatigue left me more or less unable to function at work and since my hands did not work as they once did, I could no longer play the guitar. I used to play every day. Now I simply can’t, it hurts to even try and play music, so I had to give it up and I sold most of my gear (keeping two guitars in case I made a miraculous recovery). Of all things that is possibly the worst, the government and my employer took my music away.

In the end I did get the GP to refer me to Immunology it took most of the year before they saw me, and it did not amount to much. I had a cervical spine CT scan which did not show anything according to them except a cyst in the brain. They referred me to Neurology, and I had to wait nine months to see them. That was the biggest blow as the specialist, Dr Fink was utterly dismissive, asking if we had video of the seizures and if “we don’t see it, it didn’t happen” (i.e I don’t believe you). My partner, who attended with me, had video but it was not with her as it was on her previous phone, (she had shown Immunology beforehand). There was no warning that this was necessary and then the specialist said I should have another scan and I should go to a ‘fainting’ clinic. As if my seizures constituted ‘fainting’ for goodness sake, however, it seemed a good way to minimise a vaccine injury.
I was so disgusted when I left that I refused to attend any further appointments, because clearly, they did not want to get to the bottom of it and the whole mainstream medical system seems like a whitewash and a waste of time.

ACC has been an utter waste of time too. I have paid for everything myself, there is no government support for the injured it would seem and my local MP Duncan Webb is little more than a puffed up disappointing little parasite. My partner wrote to him and asked what assistance he could provide. He responded on 26 April 2022 saying:

“I agree that some people do have adverse reactions to the vaccines – however the wider risks to the community and to the people who get the vaccine show that vaccine mandates are in general appropriate. I am sorry to hear that you (sic) have suffered adverse effects”.

Thus, he offered no support, guidance, or anything and obviously did not read my partner’s properly email as it was not ‘her’ that was injured.
As I write this in May 2023, I have recovered somewhat but still far from “recovered,” the fits have dwindled down to one maybe every other week, and the body pain is manageable. My immune system is still very touchy, and I get sick quite often, thanks to all the painkillers my digestive tract is an utter mess. I suffer from extreme fatigue, and it is an effort to get through each day that I often have to sleep as soon as I get home from work.

I have had to face the reality I will never perform as a musician again that seems certain as my left hand has not gotten any much better – it feels like glass in my joints. I feel violated, raped. I have absolutely no faith in the medical system, government, and utter contempt for my employer.

I say to whoever is reading this, by no fault of my own my life was turned upside down and I am left to deal with the consequences of others lack of moral and ethical fortitude for the rest of my life……
Safe and effective they said…..