137 Grant

Grant – Submission – The Effects on my family because of the Mandates

I’ve heard that you are wanting to hear from New Zealanders who have suffered an injury after having had the covid vaccine.
As a subgroup to the harms caused by the vaccine rollout, I am wondering if you would also like to hear from people who suffered from the not-so-obvious side effect of not taking the vaccine? That being the emotional turmoil and angst one was put through of having to deal with the coercion to take it from the government, media, and employers? Not to forget, the very real period of segregation/discrimination from the vaccine certificate entry ruling, nor the constant mental bullying from the media, and maybe family members or friends? Probably just as many New Zealanders have suffered in this way, possibly even more than those experiencing real physical side effects.

There was certainly a large amount of mental anguish in my family, none of us wanted to get the vaccine, nor thought we needed to as we are all healthy and knew the likelihood of dying from covid, for us, was extremely small. We also knew that the vaccines did not stop transmission nor prevent infection (this was published knowledge at the time the vaccines in NZ were rolled out, the UK Guardian announced this in a video from the health editor November 2020 https://youtu.be/0y7Avv-lHD0), but my wife was pressured into getting it at her place of work and ended up being talked into it to keep her job.

My son also had to get it to keep his job; he worked at a restaurant.

Fortunately, I work for myself, so I escaped that pressure.

My wife didn’t tell me that she had taken the vaccine for some time after she had it, this put an enormous emotional strain on her and also myself once she told me. I was very upset when my son said he was going to get the vaccine just to keep his job, especially as he was aware of my concerns, the biggest one being the risk of myocarditis to boys and young men post receiving the mRNA vaccine that was being reported around the world – he was 18 at the time and for a short period after he got the vaccine I honestly feared that I might find him dead when I came home; as dramatic as that sounds, it is true.

Fortunately, neither my wife nor son have suffered any negative physical effects beyond the mental stress of having to take a medical intervention that none of us wanted or needed. I would like to think that the risk of any side effect from the injections is no longer a threat but as there is still very little long-term safety data, it is impossible to say.