14 Mary

My Name is Mary.

I was Vax injured by the third Pfizer Covid -19 vaccination onSaturday 26 February 2022.

I am a wife, mother of three sons, daughter, sister. A woman who loved the outdoors, with many interests and I am proud to say I have dedicated most of my working years to the service of others. I am a teacher. I love my job.

In order to keep my job, career and continue providing for my family, I had no choice but to have the vaccine for which like so many others, was mandated. The choice to decide medical treatments was ripped away from myself and thousands of others.

So here’s my story… I write this while resting in bed as I am currently suffering a flare up of my symptoms of this vaccine injury and pericarditis.

Within an hour of having the third Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, I began to suffer adverse effects. I became short of breath, wheezy, light headed, and chest pain started to develop.

Two days later I was at my GP feeling very unwell. I had to leave work early. Short of breath, headache, very high BP. My symptoms were unexplained at that time. I returned to the GP with worsening symptoms over the next three days several times until my husband called an ambulance and I was admitted to hospital 5 days post vaccine with horrendous chest pain, extremely high Bp, heart palpitations, brain fog, dizziness, headaches, muscle twitches, racing heart, breathlessness. There I was diagnosed with Pericarditis related to the vaccine reaction. Sent home with medication and no follow up. I was bed ridden for the next 7 weeks. Unable to work or take care of my family.

My husband stopped work for 5 weeks post vaccine injury – He is self employed, to care for me, our kids and take me to appointments. I could barely walk let alone drive. Two cardiologists, one specialist of internal medicine, various GP visits, naturopath and a herbalist. I was desperate to help.

I was told by one cardiologist that I was crazy, I was suffering from anxiety and to go see a psychologist. The way I was treated by him was rude, degrading and humiliating.

I suffered several episodes of gas lighting from different doctors including another cardiologist at Waitakere hospital who denied that it was a vaccine injury. How could this be when my symptoms started within an hour of having the jab? All these specialists were paid for by my personal medical insurance because ACC were still trying to decide two months post injury and claim whether they were going to help me and assist me. To date I am still tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket for lost income and treatment costs. ACC haven’t been any help at all.

The past year has been nothing less than a living nightmare. I still live with this debilitating illness. I live with chest pain everyday . I feel like I’m drowning and can’t get enough air, I have chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, extremely high Bp without medication, heart palpitations, brain fog, dizziness, headaches, muscle twitches, reduced tolerance to noise.

I have lost the lifestyle I used to have pre vaccine injury. This has had a profound effect on my husband and children also.

This past year, I have not been able to talk about my experiences to many. It’s very lonely and isolating. I have been ignored, isolated, made to feel insignificant and called a liar.

It’s still a taboo subject to talk about vaccine injuries. Somehow your not a good person if you didn’t want to ‘take one for the team’ of 5 million. Yet where is the team of 5 million when I need them?

This vaccine was promoted as safe and effective by the government and its agencies. How was it safe for me and the other 68000 people who reported adverse reactions to this experimental vaccine?

Those of us who are now suffering because we did what was expected in order to keep our jobs are shunned, ignored by society and the medical profession. Called crazy, a liar and less than human. We have basic needs that need to be met. I need to receive adequate support and medical care which has been denied because most of the medical profession won’t acknowledge that this vaccine can harm people.

I am NOT an acceptable number in the collateral damage of this pandemic and vaccine rollout. I am a person who has been injured. Why is the NZ government, its agencies and the medical profession continuing to ignore vaccine injured people?