140 Kelly

Kelly (53 yrs)
Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech
Dose 3: Novavax

Kia Ora

My name is Kelly, I am a 53-year-old male.

For 25 years I was working as a Psychiatric/Rehabilitation Assistant (Mental Health Support Worker). Firstly, in the regional forensic Secure Unit then the Adult Acute Inpatient Unit at Whanganui District Health Board, now Te Whatu Ora.

My first Pfizer Vaccine seemed to pass without incident other than the normal brief period of mild localized pain at the injection site.
The second Pfizer jab I received resulted in a return of tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures.

These seizures prior to vaccination were totally controlled with a new anti-epileptic medication called Lamotrigine. This medication required initially a Consultant Neurologist to prescribe with four very large forms being completed till the trials (I guess) had finished and my GP could prescribe the same medication. My seizures had ceased completely, and I had had no seizures for circa 30 years.

Prior to that I required Emergency medical treatment for Status Epilepticus and continued care in ICUs. As I was a young lad, the complete absence of seizures and the worry I carried about keeping myself safe in case I were to have a seizure vanished and I became the confident happy young man again also I after a year of no seizures could drive again, I embraced this freedom again as any young person would.

Following the second Pfizer jab and after circa 30 mins I developed a migraine and my joints were sore, I was sent home from work and fell asleep. I woke later on the floor very disorientated, had deep bleeding bite marks on the inside of my cheeks and every muscle group in my body was very very sore (classic physical signs of my historic post seizure state). I had no recollection of having had a vaccination initially.

I filled out and submitted an online VAERs incident form. There was no follow-up from the VAERs organization.

From the very beginning I was reluctant to have a EUA Vaccine because it had not passed the normal rigorous trial periods and the proper time periods of study. The Mandate imposed required me to come to the conclusion that I could not, and would not, be re-deployed elsewhere within the DHB.
So, I put my faith in the Governments guarantees of a safe and effective vaccine.

Post second dose my health rapidly declined to constant headaches, tiredness, inability to concentrate and memory impairment.

Following the Booster (of which I elected to have the Novavax vaccine, as this was a more normal type of vaccine as in past years and my understanding of it was a conventional vaccine compared with the new mRNA Vaccines), I became aware of an inability to stay awake and was simply crashing, I would be awake and then asleep. Putting my uniform on and then asleep and late for work. Falling asleep on nightshifts and dayshifts if I didn’t keep moving.

Now I have constant dizziness, diminished eye hand coordination, it is like being constantly drunk, I fall over if I walk too far, I have to bend down and straighten up very carefully and deliberately, it’s like walking on a springy mattress and I frequently stumble. To any person who were to view me, they would most likely think I was a hopeless alcoholic or heavy drug user stumbling along the street.

Following a period of being off work having used my sick leave, holiday pay and 80 hours of discretionary leave, my case was handed to Human Resources and a further meeting was set. The Occupational Therapist I was assigned was not in attendance. The atmosphere was one of judgement and it was obvious my tenor with the Whanganui District Health Board was over.

I weighed up that for the Tangata Whaiora, I could no longer offer an extremely high and competent level of care and patience, I could no longer attend duress situations, I could no longer assist in management of aggression situations or self-harm emergencies. I could no longer concentrate; I was no longer an asset but an embarrassment to the DHB and my colleagues.

I resigned, this was met with smiles and relief, a quick handshake and see ya later.

I am now on a Job Seekers, with a medical certificate benefit, both my GP and the Specialist Geriatrician (I am 53 years old!) I was assigned unofficially agree that my condition is symptomatically not normal, however will not look at me when they say they cannot support a Vaccine Injury diagnosis.

When attending the Specialists appointment to review my MRI, he was very animated and excited stating he had in all his years never seen an MRI like it, “Look it’s everywhere, every axial every plain, I have never seen anything like it, fascinating”.

25 years of blood, sweat and tears went out the door and the (DHB) Te Whatu Ora is rejoicing they dodged a bullet. It became very clear that when mentioning I felt I needed proper investigation for a vaccine injury, they got very defensive then went on the offense.

I know enough to discount my condition is not dementia, it’s not somatic, it’s not lifestyle catching up, it is a result of experimental rushed vaccine mandated by our Government.

It is time for the Government to look at the emerging research and data admit their mistakes, recognize all persons affected, treat them with dignity, respect, empathy, and most importantly ensure all government departments change their attitude of ignorance and discrimination and in many cases compensate the injured. It is not the injured’s fault the Government signed a Secret Contract with no liability from Big Pharma and a “Trust the Science” attitude, which in all essence is not Scientific method. Science is never settled.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Nga Mihi