141 Luca

Luca (15 Yrs) – made on behalf by his father Thoje

Dose 1: Pfizer BioNTech December 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer BioNTech January 2022

Out of my three kids, Luca was the healthiest. Now my twins who didn’t get vaccinated are a lot healthier and fit.

Luca only took it because he was accepted into the NZ basketball development team.

Ever since Luca got doubled vaccinated his immune system has been weak. My son’s symptoms were first, fatigue, getting sick, breathing issues, asthma and couldn’t achieve cardio workouts.

Prior to vaccination he was able to run 5km with me with ease, now he gets heart pain (tight chest) when running more than 1km. He was chosen for the NZ basketball development team – ironically, he didn’t get selected due to his health issues.

Nowadays, he still gets sick easily and can’t run more than 1km without getting chest pains/tightness.

Still waiting for a specialist to see him and make sure it’s not anything related to his heart.