143 (P)

Mrs P (37 yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty 3rd December 2021

On behalf of Ms P, please find the following information with the attachments being the ACC cover letter, and the ACC internal medical advisor analysis of the medical evidence.

INJURIES COVERED BY ACC: Peripheral Nerve injury; Dysautonomia (POTS)
Ms P was well prior to the COVID vaccine the vaccine was administered in hospital on the advice of an immunologist, due to reactions two childhood vaccinations. Shortly after the vaccine she experienced nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and palpitations. She was observed and no further concerns – was discharged home.

Two days later she attended ED with palpitations, chest discomfort, dizziness, and shortness of breath. She was assessed by the medical team, investigations were unremarkable, and immunologist follow-up was recommended for an adverse reaction to the vaccine. Ms P has continued to experience shortness of breath, palpitations triggered by movement, light-headedness, tingling and numbness with associated anxiety at times. She went on to be assessed by several specialists including cardiologists and neurologists.


Cannot make decisions easily
Slow processing
Severe concussion symptoms
Initially paralysed eyes and still cannot move around without vertigo
All movement requiring concrete and having to tell my body to move
Legs collapsing often without warning
Immediate vomiting and Feelings of impending doom
Chest pain constantly crushing
Severe shortness of breath
High sustained tachycardia
Heart missing beats
Weakness which became all limbs, which they thought might be GBS, right side coming back slowly in strength but left side not recovering as quickly
Numbness in left side andfog, noon issues in limbs especially left hand side and heaviness also
Internal body tremors
Electric shocks
Fasciculations entire body
Feeling like bugs are crawling all over me and digging into my skin
Unable to walk unaided
Severe crippling fatigue
Feeling like I might die
Voice changes
Bilateral foot drop and initially no Feeling in feet
Twitching and shaking all over
Poor coordination and confusing left and right
Blurred left eye vision
Head pressure and migraine Feeling always
Inability to regulate temperature
Extreme cognitive issues including brain fog, no short-term memory
Unable to structure thoughts


I was mandated due to work and declined exemptions even though I had an allergy to childhood tetanus vaccine. Otherwise, I would not have gotten it. I also spoke to a hospital immunologist that assured me I wouldn’t have a reaction as there were no similar ingredients in tetanus but that they would do it at the hospital to make me feel better. After the reaction the hospital immunologists have declined my referral to see them. My GP was shocked that the referral was declined but they declined us saying the IMAC has suggested AstraZeneca and I should get that.”

Thank you for submitting this evidence on behalf of Ms P.


ACC Client Advocate
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