145 Simon

Simon (59 years)

Dose 1 Pfizer BioNTech FF8871
Dose 2 Pfizer BioNTech FG7372
Dose 3 booster Pfizer BioNTech FL1072

Circumstances of why I took the vaccine: Government Mandate

After the first vaccine I began to experience a sore back and pain in both feet.

I did not immediately associate this with the vaccine – and symptoms got worse with the second vaccine.
Once I received the booster dose, I began to feel much worse.

Symptoms included loss of taste, rapid weight loss – 20kg lost in 4 months, hot and cold feet, peripheral neuropathy, constant body twitches while sleeping, severe fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, brain fog.

I became bedridden and unable to work for 7 months.

I was hospitalised twice during April and May of 2022 and under the care of the neurology team at Wellington hospital for a year. Numerous medical tests and scans were done but all came back negative. Tested for cancer and brain abnormalities were all negative. Neurologists concluded this was vaccine related injury due to the timing and offered to write to the vaccine manufacturer because my case was so extreme.

I have recovered to about 95% with some residual peripheral neuropathy in my toes and some fatigue which can lead to brain fog.