146 Christine


1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
2nd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
3rd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty

My name is Christine, and I am a registered Nurse. I was fresh out of qualifying as an RN and the mandates came along. I was working in the public health sector at the time.

I was not keen on the rollout of the vaccine and had to make the choice to get vaccinated as I was also a single mother at the time. I was opposed to the whole idea from day 1.

After the 1st dose I have cardiac symptoms and a slight petechiae rash. I already had an underlying seizure issue, and this was exacerbated, and experienced an array of other issues.

Jab 2 was mandated, and I was still in the same situation. Migraines, fatigue, and anxiety was the order of the day. I decided that the environment was causing too much stress and stopped working.

During this time, I was hospitalized a few times due to seizure type episodes. This was diagnosed as Migraines.

At this point I was hoping that the booster wouldn’t become mandatory but to my disgust it was implemented. I was then employed in the maternity ward. The Booster came along and so did an ectopic pregnancy. Lost my fallopian tube & a near 12-week pregnancy on Anzac Day 2022. Ok I said, maybe bad luck.

This is where everything turned around. I almost don’t want to carry on counting. I then had a blighted ovum after the miscarriage and another 4 miscarriages all before or on 12 weeks. I fell pregnant again and everything was looking normal at a 6-week ultrasound. I was hopeful that this would be a normal pregnancy but no. I miscarried again at close on 12 weeks with no apparent cause.

This experience has shown the amount of silence there is on this issue. Not one medical professional has uttered the word even when asked. My life has been turned upside down and I’m not sure that I will be able to nurse again.

My faith in healthcare is at an all-time low. I have reported the effects I had to CARM and to date haven’t had as much as a call from them.

My GP has lodged an ACC treatment injury claim as I am convinced that this is 100% vaccine related. I can say this, as I have gone through all the testing to find a cause and nothing conclusive has come out of it. The counselling on offer is a far cry from what is needed for me to work through these losses. I had to advocate for myself through this entire process. I had to ask for the tissue to be sent away for testing and again, nothing conclusive.