148 Jodie

My story is in support of Aly Cook’s submission to the petitions committee requesting That the House of Representatives call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry in the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccine use in New Zealand and for those in parliament who may read it. I give my full permission for my story to be shared publicly as part of Aly’s submission to be eventually posted on the NZ Parliament Petitions website.

Jodie (23yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
2nd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
3rd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty

I did not want to get jabbed but was mandated as I am an Oral Health Therapist.
I am a 23-year-old woman who had no health issues prior to being jabbed.
Since then, I have had an unusual bright rash on my face and was hospitalized with an inflamed spleen a month after the booster.
In December I had a throat infection, leading to an ear infection so severe I ended up in hospital and blew an eardrum.

No doctor is willing to link these events to the jab, so I have not tried to report my reactions to CARM.

Thank you