149 Lluc

Lluc (36yrs at time of vaccination)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty 4th September 2021
2nd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty

My name is Lluc, I’m from Barcelona Spain but I have been living in NZ for the last 8 years.

I’m emailing to this account to add my case for the Parliamentary Submission being filed in support of Aly Cook’s petition requesting a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Safety and Efficacy of MRNA covid vaccines.

I was 36 years old (when I took the vaccine) healthy male, non-smoking, no alcohol, no health conditions before the following event.

I took the Pfizer covid vaccine 1st dose on the 4th of September 2021, immediately after that I had pains in the left arm and chest. Around 15 days after the vaccine a weird pain or “discomfort” on the left side of my chest started, also pain/discomfort in the arm under the biceps. Usually in the left breast area, but occasionally on the right and sometimes in the centre of the chest.

For more than two years now I have had this weird pain that goes and comes, Doctors have done some tests (blood test, X-ray and ECR) and nothing looks bad. It comes back clearly after doing heavy exercise but also sometimes it comes randomly. It feels a bit similar to muscular pain but stretching does not make it better or worse. Ibuprofen doesn’t help much.

I was told by the doctor that it was normal and that it would disappear with time, also I was encouraged to take the second dose. It did not go away.

After the second dose, I started to have a skin reaction, red spots all around my body mostly in my chest and arms and legs. I never had a skin reaction like this before, it does not go away. Doctor says it is an immune response of some kind, but he does not know where it comes from, although I insist on the time correlation with my mRNA vaccines, he has no comments about it.

After few weeks later I got COVID anyway and It was as bad as other people that were unvaccinated, also I passed it to my family members. My concern is that the vaccine was not only unsafe, but completely defective and did not stop transmission.

I hope that this commission really investigates the damage done by the vaccine, the policies around it and that new mechanisms are set in place to avoid the terrible consequences that are still unfolding.

The public’s health has been damaged, the people’s trust is in the medical institutions is now at an all-time low and millions of taxpayer money has been wasted.