15 Melanie


I Melanie XXXXXXXXX, of Kaiwaka, New Zealand confirm:

1 I am making this contemporaneous file note to record important information
about the post Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine (“the vaccine”) injuries and other
implications I have experienced since receiving the vaccine.

2 Prior to receiving my first vaccination I was in excellent health; I was fit, healthy, had no
medical problems and was not taking any medication.

3 I was cautious about getting the vaccine due to how quickly it was developed and the concept of the mRna being new, but after some time I realized life was going to be made very difficult for me by both Government and the attitudes that had quickly developed in our society after they mandated the vaccine. I looked at some of the government information on the vaccine, including a cartoon on how it worked and after hearing the Prime Minister repeat continually that it was safe and belittling people that didn’t get vaccinated, I decided I must just be being silly and that i should get it. I just wanted life to go back to normal, to be able to see my family within the Auckland boundary and to be able to do the things I loved. I was also put under a lot of pressure at a place I work who were requiring all their staff to be vaccinated.
I received my first vaccination on approximately 12.30pm on 20th October
2021th at Mangawhai Pharmacy. Immediately following the vaccination, I
experienced no immediate adverse effects and was allowed to leave after 15 minutes.

4 Within a few hours after the vaccination, I experienced painful inflammation
which was spreading from my right arm, up into my right shoulder and neck. Later
at night, I felt a similar feeling of pain in the left side of my chest where my heart is.

5 The next day on 21st October, the pain in my heart area was more
consistent. I also had palpitations beating hard out of my chest. I also began
to experience breathless, dizziness, blurry vision and at one stage there was
a ringing sensation in my ears. The ache in my heart and breathlessness
was so bad that night, my daughter insisted that I call healthline. The person
who I spoke to from healthline suggested to take some ibuprofen but to call
111 if the symptoms got worse.

6 On 22nd October, I was at work, and I had trouble breathing through my
mask. The breathlessness continued throughout the day with the same
symptoms as the previous day. Dizziness and pain in my heart area. However, I also experienced brain fog, trouble concentrating, tingling in my hands and feet, feelings of disassociation like I could not feel my body. By nighttime, I called healthline again and they told me to go to an after-hours doctor which I did at Coast-to-Coast Medical Centre Wellsford.

The doctor took my bloods, and I had an ECG. The doctor confirmed that I had a reaction
to the vaccine, however felt confident that my diagnose was not myocarditis. So, I was then sent home with instructions to take ibuprofen for pain and to call 111 if my symptoms continued to

7 From 23rd October onwards, I developed worsening health issues including:
a. Headaches, nausea, sweating and dizziness
b. Shortness of Breath, breathlessness
c. My heart rate would fluctuate to 122-144bmn at times, without much activity (getting up and walking into a different room) and I experienced a pain in my heart area.
d. My active watch shows that my heart rate has elevated when I am resting
to a workout rate. Before the vaccine, my resting heart rate was between
55 and 66.
e. Sore heart pain radiating into my back, shoulder and center of my chest,
heart area.
f. A numbness, tingling, aching or burning feeling in legs at different times and muscle spasms. The pain in my legs at night was so severe that I would have difficulty
g. Memory loss, disassociation and trouble concentrating at home, work
and anywhere.
h. My eyesight in my right eye, got significantly worse almost overnight, approximately 3 days after the vaccine. I still see floaters like spider webs over my vision.
i. My hands would tingle and feet, trembling and muscle spasms.
j. The veins in my legs and feet were popping out more than before as well
as my thighs. I would need to put my feet up often.
k. Speech issues with fumbled words and I would stutter at times. I would
often forget what I was saying midway through speaking a sentence.
l. Chronic fatigue, light headedness and rapid onset of exhaustion without doing much.

8 On 26th October, I went to the Coast to Coast Medical Centre again. My bloods were taken, and I had an ECG. The GP advised me that the test results were normal, that they were seeing a lot of this sort of thing and it was lasting up to 3 months in some people. They didn’t really have any answers as the vaccine was so new but that he expects they will know more about it in the next 6 months. He advised to rest and not exercise. He said he would try to get me an exemption for the next vaccine. I was feeling a little better on this day, from midday onwards.

9 However, by the 28th October at night, the symptoms started to get worse
and by the next day, 29th October, I could not concentrate at work and I had trouble
remembering. I had pain in my heart, breathlessness and fatigue.

10 By Saturday 30th October 2021, that night, I was awake with breathlessness,
sore heart with pain radiating into my back. My heart was beating strongly and there was pain through arm, leg, neck and all down the left side of my body. It was worse the next morning on 31st October 2021, concerned about my heart and what might be happening to me, I went to Whangarei Hospital. I was checked over, bloods taken and ECG. The doctor determined that it was not a stroke, blood clot, myocarditis, or pericarditis. I was then given a prescription for ibuprofen, and he could not give me a definite answer on what was going on or how the vaccine was making this happen.

11 I spoke to my GP, Aaron Donald (Coast to Coast Medical Center) by a phone consult on 3rd November 2021 to discuss the pain my legs and to let him that know my symptoms had gotten worse.
He could not tell me what was going on with my aches in my limbs. He
suggested that maybe my immune response is fighting from the vaccine and may be getting confused with what is the spike proteins and muscle proteins. However, he advised to keep taking ibuprofen or the other anti-inflammatory from a previous prescription and to see how things go. We also lodged an ACC claim.

12 I have seen my GP 3 times, but I would not say he is monitoring my care. In this time he had got back to me to say that the DBH weren’t allowing exemptions and that they recommended I should take some Ibuprofen before my next shot. I told him again that I won’t be having another and he said that was understandable.

13 On the 4th December 2021, after 3-4 days of sharp heart pains, I had a
chronic heart pain come on at about 2.00pm that would not go away, the pain was the worst to date and it went into my shoulder, back and left arm again. I could not breath
property and I called the ambulance. The paramedics gave me an aspirin
and I was taken to Whangarei hospital. When I arrived at the
hospital, I had my blood done, an ECG, ultrasound and an x-ray of my chest.

14 The first doctor, Dr Bridget Thorp tried to convince me to have the 2nd vaccination before she even assessed me. She continued to insist on having the 2nd vaccine even though she was unable to answer any of my questions on my reaction or provide an explanation for treatment.

15 The second doctor, Dr Scott Cameron explained the tests that they were doing and what the causes could be. He said he would not do a D dimmer test on me because young people do not get blood clots and the Pfizer vaccine does not cause blood clots. He also said that if I had pericarditis, it would not be from the vaccine because pericarditis is not a side effect from the Pfizer vaccine. Both blood clots and pericarditis are listed on the Medsafe website as side effects to the Pifzer Vaccine.

16 The test results came back with no alarming signs, and I was discharged
from the hospital and came home. I was feeling a bit better by then. My heart pain had significantly lessened. But the pains have continued and off since then, as well as the
muscle weakness and fatigue, aching in legs, arms and tingling hands, feet and chronic fatigue.

17 At present, I am taking vitamin supplements, eating well, and taking care of
myself. However, I do not feel that I am 100 percent myself. My symptoms got worse again, as they tend to be up and down. I have had two treatments of UV Ozone therapy for a cost of over $600 each. This seems to have helped a lot. When they withdrew 60mls of my blood in the first session, it was very thick and very dark, almost black looking. The second time it was a more normal consistency and color. I have spent thousands of dollars on treatments and supplements to try to get better. It has affected my ability to provide the same quality of service at work and also my level of energy and interaction with my children. I have had very little energy for social situations or errands. Since the vaccine, I have not been able to exercise, even a little walk down the road or eat certain foods, as this flares up symptoms.

18 The reaction I have had to the vaccine has been reported to CARM bymyself. I have made 2 reports.

19 I heard back from ACC in January, requesting more information. I have still not received any confirmation of the case being accepted or not.

20 I have invited the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to talk to me about my
vaccine reactions in almost every one of her Facebook posts. No reply. I
have had an online conversation with our local Labour MP Marja Lubek on
Facebook to ask her the statistics on heart issues after the vaccine and what
are the ongoing risks to health if people are suffering after the vaccines like
myself. She then deleted my comments. I have also emailed Mark Mitchell
and he has not replied. I have also emailed Chris Penk and there has been
no reply.

Since then I have detailed this information and requests for attention, to every member of parliament, in an email, and have not heard a response from any of them.

21 I am very concerned about the Pfizer vaccine and the reactions that I have
experienced. I have joined several support groups to help me with my
experience that I have been through. There are several New Zealanders
that have had the same reactions and it is deeply concerning. I have done
further research on the vaccine and have found more information on the
affects. The fact that the government have mandated the vaccine is also
concerning as they are not willing to listen or help with people like myself.