150 Geraldine

Geraldine (53yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty September 2021
2nd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty December 2021
3rd dose: COVID19 Comirnaty

My name is Geraldine and I am an administrator for Counties DHB.

I have been working in an administrative role for the past 6 years.

I have underlying health issues and when the mandates came along, I expressed my concern to my manager, considering I have never even had a flu shot and never will. I felt the same about this jab as I was suspicious about the whole idea of an experimental medication.

I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from an infection when I was 40yrs old and was in a position where I could work part time.

My manager’s response was we can give you time off if you are unwell after the jab. I was appalled at the response and was going to lose my job.

So, against my better judgment I went and had dose 1 in Sept 2021. As predicted, I was unwell and my symptoms came back with a vengeance. Severe fatigue, brain fog, concentration issues, tinnitus and hearing loss (new).

December 2021 came around and I was hoping the mandates would be dropped. My manager told me that if I didn’t get the 2nd dose by the time I got back from leave in January, I wouldn’t be allowed back at work.

I consulted with the occupational health doctor who said that if you get Covid with your health condition it may trigger off “long covid”. My response was, so I have the jab and get sick anyway? She suggested I try and get an exemption (we all know how that goes).

My GP at the time suggested I don’t get the 2nd dose, when I told her where I work, and we were mandated she changed her mind.

At the time my husband changed jobs and I needed to carry on working. I wouldn’t be able to find another part time job before January 2022 so in December I went for dose 2.

Day 3 after the vaccine I had a roaring fever, chills and really felt unwell. These symptoms carried on for weeks, so I decided to see my GP. Her response was, its menopause due to my hormonal blood tests.

I am 53 and had a partial hysterectomy at 22 due to health issues post 2nd baby. I never had any hormonal type issues prior to jab #2.

My diabetes deteriorated and my medication had to be increased. I developed internal tremors & palpitations. The insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, memory was worse than before. In the last year I have been diagnosed with, baker’s cysts in both knees, sediment in shoulder joint. I also had a cardiac monitor investigation done and apparently that was normal. I am waiting to see the cardiologist, and this is 6 months down the line.

I have spent much money getting alternate treatment through a homeopath to feel somewhat human to function. Yes, some could say why did you have the booster after all these issues? It’s simple really, bills need to be paid that’s the harsh reality.

Nobody will give me a job due to my health issues and never mind the fact that I am struggling to work a 3-day week at the moment. I am disgusted in the system and the way the people I work with carry on believing what they are told. Surely, they can see their colleagues around them sicker than ever?

My daughter has lost multiple babies through this vaccine, and we have both lost our quality of life. I have reported all my side effects to CARM.