153 Peter

Peter (36 Yrs)

Dose 1 – Pfizer BioNTech 13th September 2021 Batch No: FH4092-007
Dose 2 – Pfizer BioNTech 26th October 2021 Batch No: FJ8372-005

When I got the first vaccine dose, I had a numb arm, but this went away after several days.

Soon after getting the second dose, my arm was much worse than the first time and I started
getting brief faint spells that would come and go, after 48 hours the faint spells set in and never left. I was spinning out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months on end with short spells of relief for a day or two then spinning out for another 2 or 3 months, this still continues 20 months later.

I was bed ridden with racing heart, breathing difficulties, lightheaded, loss of normal motor function and difficulty speaking or taking in what was happening around me, as my brain couldn’t function normally and still doesn’t.

I rang help lines and the medical center, and they said give it a few days, then give it a week, after which I ended up at the medical center and told to go directly to hospital.

I spent a week in hospital where they couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so discharged me after passing a physio test of walking in a line.

I went back to bed where I progressively got worse and lost all the muscles in my legs and arms as I could do no physical activity. I ended up back in hospital, but they discharged me to a specialist and GP. I kept inquiring about the specialist to my GP with the same answer each time that I’m in line and just have to be patient. After four months of waiting and asking, I found out the hospital had only just started the forms so it looked like I was on the waiting list, but I wasn’t, so it took 6 months before I could see a specialist. The specialist tried all sorts, and nothing helped, I was even getting B12 shots weekly, but they did nothing.

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and what they were calling Vaccine Induced Long Covid, with suspected inflammation of the heart and brain and other unknown vaccine side effects. I was referred to a team at the super clinic who were meant to help get things done but they were just as bad as the hospital and would say they have booked in cardiology etc and it hadn’t been done, I’m still waiting.

20 months later to see a cardiologist, I have had x rays and checks in hospital along with MRIs but have never seen a neurologist or cardiologist in person. I’ve applied for ACC 3 times, each time getting rejected because they say I have no physical injury, I currently have lawyers appealing ACC’s decision.

I have spent the last 20 months in bed or on the couch and do not see an end to this any time soon. Before having the vaccine, I was super fit working around the farm and doing a trap line up and down the coast which consisted of hiking for hours up and down hills. I was also building my sleepout which is incomplete, and I can’t afford to pay for a builder or anything. My dad has had to cook and clean for me the whole time along with looking after the property all by himself because I get no aid besides from the benefit.