154 Cath


I haven’t suffered a C19 vax injury as I remain unvaccinated. HOWEVER, I wish to include in the submission the unrecognised and ongoing elevated levels of stress and yes, trauma, many of us have had to suffer. We have had to helplessly stand by and watch our loved ones and friends become ill, often with debilitating illness caused by the vax. Knowing the pain and fear our friends and loved ones are experiencing was, and still is, preventable. This causes feelings of helplessness, despair, frustration, fear AND we all experience survivor guilt to some degree.

While your focus is on the very real physical and cognitive damage the vax has caused to many, many, people, the vax affects EVERYONE unfortunate enough to have had a loved one/friend die suddenly, or who are now shadows of the vibrant, energetic person they were before they took the vax.

As a grandmother and the only one of my family unvaccinated, I am constantly worrying about my family who are lurching from one illness to the next. I find myself mentally preparing and thinking I may have to raise my grandchild. I recognise that this kind of thinking isn’t healthy and it robs me of the happiness I once had.

Perhaps you can include the deterioration in the mental health of those not physically affected by vax injury but who ARE affected psychologically, as we all navigate these difficult waters and tip toe around the elephant in the room.

Just the other day my 65yr old friend told me she’d just had the shingles vax and C19 booster at the same time and I find myself thinking I need to ring her every day to make sure she’s ok. I used to ring her nearby every day just to connect and laugh and talk. Now I do so with apprehension and relief when she answers, and I end conversations wondering if that’s the last time I’ll speak to her.

Yes, vax injuries are very real, and my heart goes out to everyone affected. I have:
• 1 friend severely injured and who now requires a wheelchair at times.
• Another friend fitted with a pacemaker and who is in constant pain.
• 2 friends have died suddenly
• 1 gorgeous single mum was found dead in her bed by her 5 yr old (she was mandated)
• 2 people I know suffered “medical events” while driving and only killed themselves but even now I find myself thinking driving is a lot riskier than it used to be.

Those of us “lucky” enough to not have suffered a vax injury are buckling under the mental strain of survivor guilt, hopelessness, and a constant sense of impending doom.

The vax injuries go way beyond those immediately affected.

Thank you for reading this far.