155 Geoffrey

Geoff (83yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 31st May 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech 22nd June 2021

On the 31st May 2021 Geoff went and got his first injection which seemed to be ok with him.

Then he went and got the second one on 22nd June and he seemed ok after that also.

BUT in the early evening of 4th July 2021, he suddenly got up and went to the toilet. I heard awful noises so went to investigate and found him on his knees in front of the toilet which was full of blood and blood was splattered all over the walls, behind the toilet and on the floor. I was horrified. It was difficult to get him on his feet again, but I managed to get him back to the lounge and he seemed to come right.

However, about 11pm that night he started coughing so I offered to get up and get him a glass of water. He said no he would get it. Which he did and went to the toilet enroute to bed again. Then he stopped in our bedroom doorway for some reason and suddenly he was falling heavily onto the floor. He was 1inch away from breaking his neck falling against the lowboy. I got up and found him so weird looking it was unreal and he then started reaching. Suddenly he was vomiting out huge amounts of blood again, so I immediately called the Ambulance.

This was 11.45pm. 4th July 2021. They arrived a long time after and got him loaded and starting to travel by 1.30am.

He got a blood transfusion there in hospital, which they did not tell his Dr??? and was finally sent home on Thursday the 8th July. 2021.

It was a terrible experience. He hasn’t taken any injections since and is determined not to have any in the future. I think it was Pfizer injection and was not given any numbers sorry.

To date no Drs have been able to say where all that blood came from!!! And we have consulted a lot of them!!