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Dose 1: COVID19 Comirnaty 24th July 2021 – Batch No FF4222-007
Dose 2: COVID19 Comirnaty 20th September 2021 – Batch No FH9678-002

Giant Cell Arteritis and My Vaccine Injury Story

I have been a fit and very healthy woman until late 2021, having only needed a single doctor visit in each of the 2019 and 2021 years, and that for soft tissue sprains, not illness or conditions needing medication.

The following are details of what I believe are the vaccine injuries I received as a result of the first two vaccinations in 2021 and which have resulted for me having a year out of hell, health wise.


Having been involved in teaching food, health, and nutrition for much of my 45 years in education, I
searched long and hard for scientific research and data relating to this novel Covid 19 vaccine published and peer reviewed in reputable medical sites and journals (Eg nih.govt) and was very hesitant to have this vaccine.

Due to the nature and fear engendered by the messages from the “Pulpit of Truth”, we
experienced extreme peer pressure from our friends and the risk of being banned from our
social club (Probus) if we were not vaccinated. Having moved to Tauranga relatively recently, we would have been very socially isolated so reluctantly got vaccinated.

Oct 2021 – Feb 2022

I noticed changes to my general wellbeing. Lack of energy, muscular aches and pains, headaches,
occasional heart palpitations and on several occasions when shopping, had to sit down in an aisle with my head between my knees to prevent fainting. On a visit to my Dr I was assured these were common reactions to the vaccine and would pass. However, I asked for a full blood screening which showed some changes to liver, kidney and blood sugar functions but was negative for autoimmune (lupus factors) and negative for rheumatoid serology. (See following development of neurological and physical injuries)

Early March 2022

Unusual pain developed in my lumbar region and increasing pain at base of skull and worsening headaches totally different from any previous type and site. Shooting pains over right temple and skull

March 28 & 29 2022

With extreme head pain I presented at the afterhours Medical Centre where I was checked to be covid-free before being allowing entry. I was interviewed, examined and given pain killers and a blood test and told the possibility that it might be Giant Cell Arteritis.

The following evening, I was phoned by a doctor from the Medical Centre, insisting I return immediately as I was at high risk of suddenly losing my sight. My blood test had come back and had shown an extreme level of inflammation. I was given 60 mg prednisone and watched till I had swallowed the tablets and was told they had arranged for me to be seen by my GP next day.

April 2022

My GP requested a hospital biopsy of the temporal artery but this was delayed for about 10 days due to pressure on facilities, and the results were slow to come. They were inconclusive and various auto-immune alternatives were suggested by a pathologist. I kept being told to get the prednisone dosage down asap as liver, kidney, BP and blood sugars were too high. I had 2 further visits to doctors and was prescribed strong pain relief for headaches as the pain prevented me from putting my head on a pillow. Then I developed a bowel infection and was put on strong antibiotics. I had to keep taking the prednisone although it was blamed for all these other miseries.

I did a lot more investigation of research from England, Europe, Canada and USA which all had arrived at the conclusion that either a covid infection or vaccination was a common factor in a marked increase of rheumatic and neurological conditions affected females over 40 years old. My doctor nodded when I asked him if he was aware of these articles, but understandably, was reluctant to get involved with CARM and the Medical Council. I didn’t have the energy to pursue it.

July 2022

I was called for a visit to the BOP hospital to be seen by a newly appointed Consultant Rheumatologist from Denmark. He was a godsend and had brought with him diagnostic ultrasound specifically for arteries. He identified clear evidence of Giant Cell Arteritis in the temporal artery but all the other main arteries were clear due to the original rapid identification and best-practice medication. The uncertain biopsy evaluation was probably due to the time lapse between “crisis” and biopsy. He confirmed I had developed an assortment of auto-immune /rheumatological conditions. Dr Frederiksen took over my care and initiated a controlled, very gradual reduction in my dosage. I am now at 7.5 mg daily with the likelihood it will take another 6 months to be down to 1 or 2 mg daily, if ever.

Concluding summary:

April 2022 – April 2023
Right through this last 12 months I have suffered multiple general health difficulties, including problems with balance and vertigo, muscle pain, have had to give up cycling, have lost much of my former energy and mental sharpness, and find concentrating for long very tiring.

These are a fraction of the thousands of published and peer reviewed articles that have been published by national health authorities, hospitals, and numerous research institutes worldwide. In addition, Pfizer’s own published list of adverse reaction, as forced by US Court order, contained similar injuries.

These were all accessible to our government and MOH who did little else but ignore them, except promote and mandate the vaccinations as safe for the “Team of 5 million”. They claimed to be “following the science” and dismissed any counter information as “fake news”.

Cases of GCA following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination have also been reported (Table 1). In a pharmacovigilance study eg using VigiBase, among 2,499,457 spontaneous reports with mRNA COVID-19 vaccines Mettler et al.9 identified 2125 vasculitis cases (8.5 per 10,000 reports), of which 501 were GCA. However, not only mRNA vaccines have been proposed to be linked to GCA: in a previous report, Mettler at al.10 observed among 1,295,482 reports concerning COVID-19 vaccines 147 GCA cases, 290 PMR cases and 9 cases of GCA with PMR; cases reported after mRNA v Insights into new-onset autoimmune diseases after COVID-19 vaccination vaccine were 61.9% and after viral vector vaccine were 37.4% of the total
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