16 Brenda

Brenda A, 56, Christchurch

Pfizer dose 1: On 13 October 21

Pfizer dose 2: and 3rd November 21

I received the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine, having been put under so much pressure by the government with their constant “Covid Fear” messaging and their use of mandates, to get vaccinated. I didnt want the vaccine, but because I was in need of surgery and needed to get the vaccine pass for the hospital appointments, I felt forced to be vaccinated with little choice. I even told the pharmacist who injected me that I didnt really want it, but we all had little choice. He actually agreed.

8 hours after the vaccine I began with a fever, muscle twitching, fast heartbeat, insomnia, burning feeling in legs and pain in arm.

I was concerned about my symptoms that night, but didnt go to hospital, instead i went to the medical centre the next day and spoke to a nurse about the involuntary muscle twitching I was still experiencing.
I was told it was normal and they had seen a few people with muscle twitching and to be safe to book in for the next vaccine at the medical centre in 3 weeks time.

I reported my injury to Carm and I received an email with the adverse event number.

With the muscle twitching continuing, and getting worse after the second vaccine, I sought further medical treatment from my doctor. She said it could be anxiety and tried some medication, which didnt help. After a further visit I was referred to Neurology who diagnosed me, months later, with a Peripheral Nerve Neurological Disorder, that causes involuntary muscle fasciculations and he put it in writing that it was plausible vaccine injury as the disorder is immune mediated and he filed a report with the Ministry of Health.

My doctor applied to ACC for Treatment Injury. 18 months later I am still twitching. ACC took 9 months to make a decision and turned me down saying that the muscle twitching is not a “physical injury”.

I am now fighting that decision.

I looked on medsafe’s adverse events data for my CARM adverse event number, which didnt match up with my symptoms. So i got in touch with CARM who told me that the data is given a new number when passed over to the medsafe system. I asked for the number so I could check my entry data, and when I received it, I was shocked to find the data was not entered correctly in the Medsafe data. On 14th October 21 I reported fast heart beat, muscle twitching, fever, injection site pain and insomnia.
Recorded was hypoaesthesia (numbness) pyrexia (fever) and injection site pain. They had omitted the main neurological injury (and heart symptom) I had reported. I made a complaint and had the information I had originally reported put back in.

This left me wondering how many other vaccine injured people’s symptom data had been omitted.

I would like to see a full investigation into the approval of the covid vaccine, its safety and efficacy and the handling of the data of submitted vaccine injuries to CARM and their subsequent transfer across to the Medsafe Stats which are then released to the public.

Thank you.

Brenda A