166 Dean

Dean (65yrs) – submission made on behalf by Julie

Dose 1: Pfizer
Dose 2: Pfizer 18th October 2021

On December 19th 2021, my mother was admitted to our local hospital. She had cancer, but due to not taking the covid shot, she experienced the two-tier system, of discriminating those without the product inside of them. We were 27 days into our battle, for my dying mother to receive care, Saturday January 15th.
When I got the call, that my father-in-law had died suddenly. I started screaming no and sobbing, as I’d just spent the night in hospital with mum, my breakdown in front of her, caused her to get distressed, the nurse administered two pumps of midazolam spray to sedate her. I would later discover midazolam is poison, especially to old and frail.
This submission is really about my dear father-in-law, Dean, unofficially as we’re actually defacto. I’ve been with his son Kieran for over a decade, and given birth to 4 of his 6 grandchildren, so I’m considered family. I noticed his Facebook profile pic had changed to the “I’m Vaccinated” for Aotearoa circle. I prayed.
When he died, I looked at the date of his acknowledgment of being vaccinated to see how long it had been, October 18th 2021 he’d done the acknowledgment and exactly twelve weeks and 6 days later he died suddenly. I took a screenshot to document that evidence. The family decided on doing a two hundred plus attendance funeral. Kieran, the kids, and I, being unvaccinated, were barred from attending.
The Mullins cremated Dean, his parents are still alive, blessed to make it to the early 90’s. No autopsy because they don’t suspect it was the vax. We haven’t got executors access to medical records.
We seriously considered going to the funeral, even in the middle of the bedside vigil and protecting my mother from being kicked out of hospital. Kieran messaged the bowls club, and asked if they’d let us come, they rang him and said sorry no, we cannot afford the possible fines. Dean only had two sons, no daughters unless you count me.
At the time he had five grandchildren, two grandsons, and my three young girls, his only granddaughters were not allowed to attend. We watched his funeral online, crying at home. The unfairness of it all. Still, we weren’t taking the experimental shot, for any reason. I’ve since had Dean’s sixth grandchild, and we’ve named him after his Poppa Dean. Forever in our hearts