168 Emmaleen

Emmaleen (46 yrs) – submission made on behalf by husband Michael

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioN Tech: 26th August 2021 Batch No: FF4206
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioN Tech 12th October 2021 Batch No: FG9019

My wife Emma started having seizures after her second vaccination 12 October 2021.
We were due for our second vaccinations and went to a vaccination clinic above the A & E clinic on Lincoln Road Henderson, all vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioN Tech vaccine.
By the end of October Emma was starting to have the early stages of what we know now were possibly seizure / TIA’s.
1st November 2021 Emma was appointed the new Team leader role, she was excited about the challenges and things were definitely looking good.
The balance of November was quite a busy month, the handover needed to be done for the next person to support Emma’s previous manager and interviews completed for the new team that Emma was managing. Through the whole process Emma had been dealing with these TIA / seizures that were increasing.
26 November 2021 text sent to Nina:
“You know I’ve been feeling a bit off lately, dropping stuff and not being able to pick it up, like my phone and a few other times even when I took the dog for a walk my balance has been a bit off. Well, it’s getting more frequent now and I’m freaking out. This has only started since the end of October. I’ve booked into see the doctors but the appointment is next Friday 1 December 2021 another seizure while walking the dog (dropped dog lead unable to use right hand)”
Record of Events
• 3 December 2021 Seizure in the shower (right hand numbness and slurred speech)
• 7 December 2021 9.14am Ratanui Medical Centre Appointment (WDHB referral)
• 7-8 December 2021 Waitakere Hospital Overnight stay evidence of stroke or intracranial bleed ? Non contrast CT scan performed results no intracranial abnormality then discharged
• 21 January 2021 Ratanui Medical Centre seen by Dr in PPE protection (Vitamin B12 injection)
• 28 Jan 2022 numbness right hand Ratanui Medical Centre Second (Vitamin B12 injection)
• 2 February 2022 struggling to talk
• 3 February 2022 struggling to talk (called Ratanui Medical centre) consultation with nurse over the phone explained issues
• 8 February 2022 Ratanui Medical Centre consultation explained Intermittent neuro problems since November, condition not getting any better. Explained to the GP these symptoms started a few weeks after the second vaccination.
Advised this is unlikely to be cause of vaccination.
• 19 February 2022 Emma and Charlotte went into town to Help Nina set up her birthday, Nina’s son Issac had caught Covid from his school teacher.
• 20 February 2022 Feeling unwell possibly covid 21 February 2022
• Ratanui Medical Centre Swab taken sore throat Covid Positive
• 28 February 2022 Took Emma to Waitakere Hospital She was kept in hospital and a covid assessment was completed. Discharged later that day advised to take ibuprofen and paracetamol. (Covid regulations at the time were only one person in Hospital no one to assist)
• 2 March 2022 Ratanui Medical Centre, phone consultation with Dr. Emma had a seizure the night before (eyes rolled back teeth grinding) was requested to do D Dimmer test (heavy period for 2 Weeks). Requested prescription to be emailed to pharmacy.
• 5 March 2022 6pm Waitakere Hospital Emma was struggling to walk, I explained to the security and nurse at reception Emma was unable to communicate. We were both given a RAT test (both came back NEGATIVE). Emma had right side weakness and facial droop, I left Emma to go home and check on the kids at 5am. Emma had a fall that morning an incident report, she seems to think this was when she had her stroke.
• 6 March 2022 she had a CT scan performed in the morning, then transferred the North Shore Hospital for further assessment.
• 6 March 2022 Once at North Shore hospital under the guidance of the covid coordinator she was put in the Covid Isolation Ward until 10 March 2022. Due to Emma not being able to communicate I was able to spend these next 4 days with her. I had to wear full PPE each day I assisted caring for her through this time. This was a very difficult time. Each day I would ask the doctors why she in the covid isolation ward.
• 10 March 2022 Emma was transferred out of the isolation ward sent to have a MRI then rushed in for another CT brain scan and other tests, I was then told by a female doctor that unfortunately your wife has had a stroke. At that time they were unsure of the actual date or time the stroke happened.