169 Harri

Harri (37 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioN Tech 9th August 2021 Batch: FF8871-005

I took the PfizerBionTech vaccine on the 09 August 2021 BATCH FF8871-005. I took only 1 covid vaccine as my health quickly deteriorated.

3 days later on 12th August 2021, I woke up from severe arrythmia and a fluttering sensation. These arrythmias persisted for 3 weeks and always came at nighttime between 3-6 am.

I had tried running and thai boxing exercise in September 2021, but I just could not perform well and felt extreme fatigue very soon after exerting myself. That was odd because I could finish an hours thai boxing exercise easily before my covid vaccination.

Other symptoms were a nervous tick in my eyelid which also persisted for 3 weeks.

The arrythmia still persists sometimes at night at the time of writing this submission, 28th May 2023.

I also had extreme pain in my testicles and my bladder in February 2023. Tauranga hospital records available for CT scan and an ultrasound both of which did not find bladder stones or cancer. I do not know are the testicle and bladder pain related to my covid vaccine as there is no long-term data available on covid vaccine safety and side effects.

I was 35 years old when I took PfizerBionTech vaccine

• challenges I have faced seeking for care include paying for my cardiologist echocardiogram and Holter monitor (48 hours monitor) by myself. I think if New Zealand vaccinates people then possible vaccine complications should be paid by the ACC or government. So far I have paid 1500 nzd for my cardiologist fees and heart echocardiogram.
• I have also tried aspirin anx herbal tea to recover from the arrythmia and that has so far cost me around 500 nzd in different remedies. I am not sure has any therapy worked to cure my vaccine injury.
• After all we all took the vaccine in order to protect New Zealand from covid.
• experiences of being gaslighted by doctors or hospitals;
• 3 weeks after my PfizerBionTech vaccine early September year 2021 I was ridiculed by a GP at Tauranga Accident & Healthcare on 2nd Avenue, Tauranga.
• I was told by a GP that my arrythmia was only panic attacks and possible problem with my thyroid. Blood tests later ruled out any problem with my thyroid. I was told the covid vaccines were safe and effective.

My cardiologist at Bay Cardiology, Tauranga could not say what was wrong with my heart arrythmia.

The note said; “Likely sustained reaction after first Pfizer Covid vaccine.”

At the cardiologist consultation in May 2022

The cardiologist said he cannot rule out myocarditis as I went to seek help too long after my symptoms were the most acute. The cardiac scar tissue found on the surface of my heart is permanent and can be caused by my covid vaccination.

It was interesting to see what was written in the medical report and what was only discussed face to face and not written in my report such as the scar tissue on the surface of my heart.

My cardiologist told me he has seen myocarditis cases in young males both caused by the vaccine and from a viral infection. And I have only a memory of this conversation about the 2 young males with myocarditis as it was not noted in my medical notes.

So, the data is there, it is just hard for medical professionals to speak out as any vaccine hesitance from a cardiologist or a GP could mean a job loss if the medical board decides so.

Mandates were a part of my decision to take the vaccine


I am available for an in-person spoken submission to parliament if our request for such is approved.