171 Kerry Anne

Kerry Anne (63 yrs)

Dose 1: Novavax March 2022
Dose 2: Novavax 8th April 2022

My Story…..nothing short of a nightmare ….. oh where to begin!

I’m still suffering adverse effects to this day from getting Covid vaccinated! I will do my best to stick to the facts.

I prolonged getting Covid vaccinated, not because I’m anti-vaccine but because these vaccines were so quickly developed with inadequate trial time and full disclosure of possible adverse effects.

In the end after much hesitation, and many questions I ended up getting the later covid vaccine option ‘NOVAVAX’ only because my daughter who lives in Australia was scheduled to have major surgery and I wanted to be there to support her and my young grandson. It was the first week of this Novavax roll out, I had my first dose followed by the second dose 3 weeks later on 8 April 2022.

Within 72 hours of my second dose my health started going haywire and things got worse and worse!

I was seriously impaired by multiple symptoms for a good 4 months and eventually I was referred, put under the care of General Medicine at Tauranga Hospital.

My side affects/symptoms were:

– severe cognitive dysfunction/impairment, unable to articulate my thoughts into words
– constant painful pressure in my head for many months with pressure behind my right eye
– overwhelming fatigue. It was like a marathon just to do the simple stuff at home also leaving me totally breathless
– I developed daily visual disturbances the first frightening episode resulting in me taken by ambulance to hospital
– I lost a huge amount of weight; I was so weak and my appearance was very pale and drawn
– also chest tightness on the left side, heart area
– to add to my symptoms my hair started falling out big time and has not stopped. I have now lost almost half my hair which is totally so distressing and devastating.

My friends were totally shocked when they eventually saw how poor my overall condition was.

I have kept an account/record of everything and ACC who my current GP submitted a severe vaccine injury form to have a timeline of photos of my severe hairloss. They declined my first claim so with much effort I got everything together and sent all my notes to the review unit. The outcome of that was an offered pittance amount to cover all my costs which I have since regretted and informed them so as I have now very recently had another new serious side effect. They have been in contact and given me my options on where to go from here.

To make the whole experience worse it has been a huge eye-opening battle dealing with the medical profession. Many times I was left in total despair because they werent listening, acknowledging or believing.

I was left with no choice but to change G.Ps to a different practice because she kept going down the track of saying I had ‘long covid syndrome’ or that I was stressed meantime willy nilly prescribing unnecessary medication.

As soon as I changed G.Ps finally with great relief it was instantly acknowledged that my symptoms were real and totally connected to the Covid vaccine. Also a special test was done to see if I had had Covid and it came back as Negative.

The months I was seen by General Medicine at Tauranga Hospital was not a good experience at all ending up with several changes of doctors. The first Doctor was excellent in completely acknowledging how impaired I was with symptoms and the last Doctor I had there who also left I found had great resistance in actually putting it down in writing that what I was suffering from was vaccine induced. He organized all the tests under the sun and referrals to see an Immunologist twice at Auckland DHB who unbelievably both times declined the referral when I was really suffering. My General Medicine Doctor said he expected the only reason for the decline was they were too overwhelmed by referrals. A third referral just 2 months ago made by my G.P. also came back as declined and when I enquired if there was any explanation, she said they dont deal with vaccine injuries!

The actual Doctor who vaccinated me at Tauranga Hospital special covid vaccine clinic Dr. Hugh Lee the ex Clinical Director of Tauranga Hospital when learning of my adverse reaction sent a message via his nurse before he left for an overseas holiday to advise me to see an Immunologist but its been absolutely impossible.

The other reason I got vaccinated was I had been mandated from my small role working as a Consumer Consultant in Mental Health contracted by Bay of Plenty DHB.
Last year I achieved a publication on one of my projects “Conscious Self-Care” so I couldnt deliver it across the services. I have only just been able to start promoting it the last 2 months to Mental Health and Addiction Service Consumers and staff.

As I said at the beginning, I still suffer with symptoms to this day and three weeks ago I had an acute heart event resulting in me being admitted to hospital spending 5 days in Coronary Care.
Tests showed (the echo cardiogram) my heart is not functioning properly in 2 areas, and they have me booked in to have a repeat test in 2 months on 11 July to see if the impairment has improved from taking medication and then I will be followed up to see a Cardiologist.

Like with all my symptoms I have experienced there is no doubt in my mind that it is all related to the Covid vaccine as prior I was perfectly fit and well.

I had experienced the tightness and discomfort in my chest for the last year and had seen my doctor a few times to specifically express my concern about that symptom.

The Hospital Doctors the other week in Coronary Care said I can discuss further about this heart event also being vaccine related when I’m followed up to see the Cardiologist in a few months.

Honestly it’s been such an ordeal and just writing my story is leaving me feel pretty traumatized what I’ve been through!

Everything I have stated in my submission story for this Petition is totally True and Correct and can be backed up with a mile of medical paperwork.


Kerry Anne