172 Lou

Lou (48yrs)

Dose 1: AstraZeneca December 2021 Batch 352921P
Dose 2: AstraZeneca January 2022 Batch 352921P

In 2021, my employer implemented a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy which mandated that all staff be double vaccinated. From my research – at the time – I didn’t think the available C-19 vaccines in NZ were safe or effective, so I appealed to my doctor. My doctor advised that I would not be eligible for a medical exemption. So very reluctantly, to keep my job/means of income, I took the medical procedure (aka COVID-19 vaccine). I feel this was coercion. I took AstraZeneca, administered (both times) by the same intern pharmacist who did not know/admit key facts about AstraZeneca (inc. that it was still under trial in NZ, and that were some significant potential side effects).

I now know, that for me, AstraZeneca was neither safe or suitable:

• Following dose 1 in Dec 2021, I had menstrual bleeding for nearly 10 months (288 days).

• Following dose 2 in Jan 2022, I have been hospitalised three times (nearly 10 days in total). This hospital journey started after dose 2 – with chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, then severe abdominal pain which resulted in being ambulanced to emergency (and diagnosed with sepsis). A few months later, I was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia.

• I have now tested positive for COVID twice.

What has this meant for my health and wellbeing?
Before AstraZeneca, I was blessed with nearly perfect health – I rarely got cold/flu symptoms and had only been overnight in hospital 3 times before (as a child). Since AstraZeneca, my health has been on a rollercoaster of unpredictability. The 10 months of menstrual bleeding was very unpleasant.
The hospitalisations were absolutely awful, with an acute decrease in care by hospital staff (seemingly increasingly under-resourced and overwhelmed). I’ve had countless blood tests, and numerous tests for heart, lungs and uterus. And yes, CARM reports and ACC claims were submitted. The good news is that right now I’m feeling great with huge praise for healers and therapists who have helped my recovery.