175 Stephen

Stephen (57 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer 30/08/2021 Batch No: FE8163
Dose 2: Pfizer 20/09/2021 Batch No: FF2382
Dose 2: Pfizer 28/01/2022 Batch No: FM4289

In 2021 I was a fit and healthy person with an active lifestyle.
I am a qualified mental health nurse, so to continue working was required to have the covid vaccinations. I was employed by Whakarongarau NZ Tele Triage service on the Early Mental Health Triage line dealing with people experiencing Mental Health Emergencies at the time of the vaccinations.
The first incident occurred 3-4 days after the first vaccine, whilst at work, feelings immense tiredness, nausea, and difficulty breathing with some evidence of raised temperature and dizziness. I was taken to the 24-hour Emergency Clinic as it was only one building away by my manager, where I had many tests and no definitive answers.
The second incident occurred about a week after the second vaccination after waking in the early morning with symptoms similar to the first set of symptoms but with a more increased severity of symptoms and additional symptoms of swelling around my hands and feet. An ambulance was called, and in addition to the aforementioned symptoms, the Cardiologist reported fluid behind my heart. This resulted in a hospital stay that lasted around six days. As my symptoms did not get worse but were not improving either, I was discharged from the hospital.
My symptoms remain with extreme tiredness and an inability to walk short distances. I have since developed Diabetes and have been unable to work since. I am also having memory issues as well and I am have finding it difficult during conversations to recall recent conversations with others, recall the names of people and places.
I asked my GP initially to refer me to ACC, who declined my claim stating that he felt ACC would not help as I have no injury, but later he did so after I insisted, as I believe I have had a reaction to the vaccinations and now cannot work. I believe my situation has been caused by a medical misadventure, which I believe is covered by ACC. ACC has declined this application. I am in a situation of being unable to continue working after following the government and employers’ requirements to be fully vaccinated to continue working.