178 Petra

Petra (47 yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer
Dose 2: Pfizer 8th October 2021

I have ME/CFS but had a tiny amount of joy in my life due to being able to at least go to a supermarket, drive to a doctor, visit my elderly parents & attend important family functions.
Since the Pfizer vaccine, the tiny amount of joy & independence I had has been stripped away.
My baseline has lowered so badly since the vaccine, that I am almost fully housebound & much more bedbound. I can almost never see my beloved elderly parents as the drive & social stimulation now sends me down into painful bedridden crashes.
I feel like all joy & my life has been taken away from me since the vaccine.
I’m 47, but I have to live like a 100-year-old mute, sick hermit in 24/7 chronic pain, made much worse from the vaccine. On top of making all my symptoms worse, the vaccine has caused me to also have 24/7 burning armpits & a throbbing in my leg that feels like a blood clot. The veins in this area of my leg are also much more pronounced since the vaccine. My tinnitus now screams incessantly, my neuroinflammation now burns much worse, my cognitive ability/brain fog has become so debilitating & my fatigue is so intense, it’s like trying to live each day after vampires have sucked every ounce of blood from your body.
The mornings were never so horrendous, but since the vaccine, every single morning I wake, it feels like I’m dying from the worst full body flu. My throat lymph nodes are also much more inflamed & swollen, hence have been rendered almost mute; when I do talk, the pain is intense.
I ended up in hospital as my immune system was pushed so low after the vaccine, that a common cold caused one of my throat lymph nodes to blow up & the pain was indescribable – like trying to swallow glass for a week and like I’d been punched in the throat with knuckledusters.
My noise sensitivity is much worse too. I can almost never speak to my family members because the pain of speaking & voices in my ear on a phone, has become almost unbearable.
The vaccine has ruined my life and is jeopardising my mental health now, as I have to be a mute prisoner in my own home, to keep pain levels bearable. I never used to experience my digestive system closing down, nausea or vomiting before the vaccine, but because the vaccine has caused me to be much more bedridden, my autonomic nervous system shuts down & is so sluggish now.
Life has been horrendous since the vaccine.
I may have had a chance of perhaps healing & getting back to teaching one day, but since the vaccine, it feels like my health baseline has been permanently lowered & cost me any hope of getting my career back & being a contributing member of society.