179 Helen

Helen (75yrs)

1st dose: COVID19 Comirnaty
2nd dose:COVID19 Comirnaty

I received first 2 Pfizer vaccines only!

Before receiving my jabs, I was only asked permission, afterwards told that I might experience mild flu symptoms & take a Panadol.

After the first jab I experienced dysentery, and it continued after the second jab for 6 weeks.
I had a weight loss of 6 kgs, bringing my weight down to 50 kgs.

I reluctantly had the jab as I could not be involved with my great grand children`s school activities unless I was “jabbed”, also my craft clubs insisted on being vaccinated. As my great grandchildren activities & my crafts are very important to me, I felt I had no option at the time!

Yours sincerely,