18 Bruce

Name Bruce B Taieri Beach Otago.

On 3rd September 2021 I received my first covid gene therapy by injection,it was a Pfizer jab. I am now 79 so was 77 at the time. I was in good health at the time and not on any regular medication.

Within 36 hours of getting the jab I was suffering from rapid heart rate at times up to 195 bpm. I felt that my heart was about to explode and my GP advised me to get to the ED at Dunedin Hospital asap. At the hospital I was tested and monitored for every test including ECG and xray etc.

After 5 hours as my heart was now more stable I was sent home with beta blockers and blood thinners. Which I am still needing to stay on to keep my heart under 100 beats per minute. My resting pulse prior to the jab was 50-55 bpm. And my blood pressure was on the low side of normal and it was often remarked to me that I had the blood pressure of an 18 year old.

Ever since getting the jab I have had periods of heightened pulse rate that makes me concerned for my future well-being. I asked the doctor at the hospital if this was a adverse effect from the jab but was fobbed off with a dismissive comment. My GP wrote to Bloomfield to apply for an exemption on my behalf to the second jab as she thought it would be advisable for me to avoid another one but this was turned down so I lived like a second class citizen for the following months as I am not stupid enough to get the second one. I do not recall being advised that this jab was likely to cause me injury and the card that I was given failed to list the batch number that I was given. I have since spent many anxious times not knowing what the future will be as my previous good health has now gone and although I still am able to manage to do most things I did previously not as comfortably as I used to.

My GP filed a Carm report on my behalf. The only advice I have had from the health dept was to get a different jab from a different supplier which I declined.

B A B 11/05/23.